Thursday, December 31, 2009

Positive Outcomes are Always Possible

As 2009 comes to an end, and we all prepare for 2010 there is so much to share. The world around us and our sense of self within it is in such a major transition.

I am a half filled glass type of person. I believe in the creativity of the human spirit and integrity based heart felt balance. I also see hardship and discord and suffering. How to do we reconcile living in the rightness of the universe as it is without hiding our heads in the sand?

It comes down to a few basic ideas I think, at least it does for me on this snowy new years eve morning.
The first is integrity.  To do the right thing. If with every action I take, I put integrity first and try to get out of my ego's need to .. the need to be right, the need to be first, the need to be best, the need to be better than you, the need to be separate from you and on and on and on..

The second is to be calm and peaceful within. Centered and at home with the realization that I am more than my personality, that I am here on planet earth to be conscious and universal and live the truth of my being as it unfolds.

The third is to be kind. In kindness we are true to our generous heart and fair. It does not mean be soft, it does not mean be blind. It means live in the realization that the inherent reality of our lives can be rooted in a kind ground that is strong, flexible, and fair. In kindness lies a poignant beauty.

And last, make art - live art that is beautiful. Live beauty, make beauty, honor beauty.  A good conversation is beauty, an open heart with a sad friend is beauty.  Not surface beauty, nip and tuck botox got to be thin beauty, but the beauty that moves you to tears. A dance, a symphony, a painting, a story. True Beauty. It is one of the values of the human spirit, the resonance with beauty that connects us and makes the world evolve in an everlasting essential sigh.

I hope to live in 2010 with a deep breathe, integrity, inner peace and calm, kindness, and create the beauty that inspires the spirit to new heights. I wish you the same.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thankful for life

Holiday times are funny - presents and family. I love the spiritedness though of folks around me.  I am so very thankful for my life, for the light that runs through my being - all of my existence seems to simply imply a steadfastness of being. If I can simply continue to be an open hearted soul, sharing my vision, my energy, my love of being with those I come in contact with - then there is meaning in my life.

I don't really care if I can buy anything, or sell anything. I am my art , I am my spirit, I am the love that I aspire to transcend and realize.

Life is good.  I wish all a bountiful inner awareness that all is as it should be, as it is - and we are enough.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Seeing things Knowing things

Seeing things, knowing things  10" x 15" (c) Rhonda Schaller  oil on unstretched canvas Collection of the artist

It is so important to let go of unwanted ideas, past assumptions and what we think we know. I told a class I taught last week, that I hoped I died having unlearned all the things I think I know.  The seeds we plant in ourselves blossom and burst forth. I love my changing consciousness. I feel as if I grow simpler over time.

I change the titles of my paintings often, especially the ones I still own. It seems quite fitting to me that the one above should shift its perception of reality as I have.  A new awareness rising from my heart reflected back from the canvas.

Have been reflecting a lot on the conversations I have with the students and alumni I mentor at SVA. I am so fortunate to be able to give to them the truth of me. I get so much back in return. A beautiful soul, a masters program student told me in a session that my inspiration to others has become my artwork, a living breathng work in progress. Such a beautiful sentiment, a great gift to me. I have much to be thankful for as I unlearn my life.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I have been spending some time looking at the work from the last year or two. They teach me so much each time I look them. This one is "Manifest/Unmanifest". It reminds me of the primordial sea. There are times I try to make sense of the universe, as if simply being present isn't enough. Then that order, that control or grasping for it - finds its way into a landscape. As if I can imagine the world of absolute energy having a foreground and background, rather than a total expanse. And we float - and rise - and transform within our own realizations of life. Awareness is like that - if I am depicted as a rising container which I am within and without simultaneously - then I am both my personality and the spirit expanding beyond it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Embrace Uncertainty

Expect the unanticipated - that is all that is certain.

Dave has these wonderful pithy sayings he shares, I learn so much. Sharing ideas about being present in the spaciousness of NOW, letting what is as it is written, observed and lived. It really does take a load off.

When we expect - we are either in the past/memory - or in the future/anticipation. Neither are real, both figments of constructed images. Our ideas appearing as real.

The freedom of not controlling. This is why I meditate sometimes - to be free. The movement of being still. And all of life expands. It is endless really. Love that place of no=mind. Large and free, ancient and all encompassing.

If I can maintain that peace of presence in my sessions with my clients and students, as I do in the studio, I have realized a great deal. Then I am purposeful in my breathing, and healing in my affect. And none of it probably matters. Though I am glad to bring what I can to those to who come to see me.

I learn so much from being alive.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stillness Meditation

Invite moments of stillness into your life.

The answers are in the stillness.

Ask life - what purpose do you have for me?

Trust life - awaiting the right impulse with discernment is in the script.

Let go of naming, labeling.

Look through stillness not mind.

Find a different relationship to your world.

Breathe. Smile. Play the harmonica.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Life is Law

Sitting in meditation this morning, contemplating the REAL, absolute awareness, the Tao, the Law. I love sitting in the lap of the law, the ultimate discipline of my meditation right now. The calm. The beauty of what is, larger than image, vaster than knowledge. Letting go of my human separateness, my illusions of importance, my fake reality. All is as it should be, when I let go into the rightness of the universe as it is. Easy to write, hard to maintain.

In my humble way, smiling as I type trying to use words to capture the essence of the universe that probably is simply my minds way of making order out of chaos. And yet, the kernels of truth are there - all the sages of time and beyond have taught the same truths. I visit the landscape of spirit daily. Immersing myself in the Law. Transformation of perception happens in seconds.

The long lasting results of meditation is the joyous calm of realization. That is the point really, realization, the joy is inherent in living in truth. Fascinating, not trying to feel anything, a natural calm. I am almost 51 years old, and feel fortunate to have "earned the right" karmically to find balance. Not forcing the mind to adapt behaviors from a thought perspective. But to contemplate truth, deepen in awareness, and discover naturally that realization is the transformation. Like liquid gold, or silver really - realization leads and immerses my consciousness into action.

That means I will paint today. Images from meditation, from life. It is how I make sense of my travels through the veils of frequency and the realms of existence.

Each morning I sit before the day awakens. My ego on hold, my thoughts set free from their hold on my mind. Lately the image has shifted, which is fascinating. I see doves flying with ravens now, consistently black birds and white birds flying together. They are my thoughts, my attachments being set free. When I cut the threads that bind me to habit, to ego - it is as if my thoughts are animate, flying low but no longer manipulating my actions. I sit and watch them. It reminds me of emissaries, messages being carried between the worlds. Perhaps the doves have brought mesages from the mythic gods, and my entrenched warrior guardians, the black ravens are to transform? Receive? I do not know yet what it means. Cutting the strings that bind us, that is the key. Deepening in realization, not creating more thought, more ego - is the process. So I wait. I watch. I will know when I do.

I have long had visions, over the years 90 % come true, 10 % I have not interpreted correctly. If I can see something, I see it . Though that does not describe the process well, but it will suffice. I look. I listen. I don't look to deeply, if I need to heed an image it arises naturally, as a knowing. Unless of course, I look for a family member or a client, then I ask how I can I best help, and what do they need to know. I take each image as metaphor, when I can. Wondering what it leads to. Sharing the metaphor. We each have our own symbol system.

The world is in transition. Irrelevent in the larger picture of my sitting, allowing realization to blossom and spread. The world is on a course set eons ago. The collective cleansing began and continues. So much chaos to come. Rubble and collapse, yet renaissance will rise. Eventually. And I see ravens and doves, removing the chatter from my mind and watching them fly together, above my head.

Black dots and white dots. Perhaps a line of silver today.

And yet, as an artist and as a healer - I believe that the images are part of the road map I have to share, that all artists have to share. Each on an individual journey, where the images are irrelevant unto themselves, but important within the larger picture energetically. Each person inspired to awaken to their own realization of the whole, and emit a different frequency of consciousness.

Perhaps I am part of that catalyst knowingly, perhaps my work is, or my energy field emitting its vibration and frequency in line with the law. We all are part of the same vibration and collective frequency whether we know it or not. I am fascinated by it all. And humbled.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seeing things

Tremendous activity in the ethers. Something is happening, boiling up, expanding. Many shapes floating, moving fast, rising and falling. Change is upon us.

Set up the studio today. Painted in the afternoon light. Gold.

Tried to capture the spirit activity. Tiny dots of white on a field of gold, with a line of red. Not sure if the red will stay.

The answer is in the white dots. In the beads of dna. They're coming, whoever "they are". I keep seeing things.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Universalization of the Individual

I'm re-reading "Self-Unfoldment by Disciplines of Realization" by Manley P. Hall. If there was one book I could have on a desert island, and no others - it would be this one. I try to re-read it every 6 months, it is the most beautiful lessons on life and law that I have ever read. Natural Law, truth, beauty. It creates a resonance of calm and peace within my entire being.

I love to be reminded of what matters. I can get lost in the petty arguments of my personality. At the office, in the subway, watching Monday night football and listening with annoyance at the announcers, and don't get me started on the commercials. Pretty funny in retrospect, how easily I can loose sight of the truth.

Then I read a sentence, have a moment of peace spreading through my energy field, and I can remember the essence of my being. I am alive.

It is a little after 9 pm, am sitting with reruns of "sunrise earth" on DVD, watching the sun rise over Wyoming, and reading Hall's first realization. He reminds us that "while in personality we are many, in principle we are one. There is one spirit in all men/women. Though innumerable artificial barriers made by man to divide and isolate us, we are truly of one substance and one purpose."

I love that. The artifice of separation.

" We are more than similar; we are identical. We are manifestations of the One and we bear witness in our own parts to the One. This kinship of life; this identity of purpose and end, makes us truly universal."

Ah, so beautiful, beyond words really. All else falls away.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Life of an Artist

The life of an artist is a very strange thing. We travel through the minds pathways into the emotions, and back again. Our images are born somewhere in the ethers, and we translate messages that even we do not know the meanings of . True art, at times is so painful to produce. We risk so much in the bridging of consciousness to bring up our ideas. I wonder if that is why we need the down time. The marination period. To regroup. To rest. Until the friction gets too much, and we need to create again.

I'm in such a period. Its fascinating when I ponder it from afar. And it makes me cry when I get too close. As if the old shapes are flat and lifeless. A dream that has lost its meaning. I know a new medium is burgeoning. I can see the work .... almost. If I try to hard, it disappears. It is similar to when I have psychic blasts. I can sense what will happen, as if in the distance, but not quite see it. And yet though it has no sense of time it has presence, and shape, more than shape, it has a smell of its own. I turn my head, and try to view it from my peripheral vision. It smells like seaweed. Not ripe not rancid, alive and unformed. Ah, my love of the sea. My latest paintings, before I gave up the Chelsea studio were of the inner sea, the primordial soup.

I have spent a good part of the last two years teaching and mentoring others. We reach a place in our careers when paying if forward is a calling unto itself. Driven to listen, with an open heart, be present and share from lifetimes of experience. But not creating. Not yet. Showing, selling, but not creating. I find it torturous this weekend, no room of my own anymore.

Late afternoon yesterday, E and I sat on the two person swing in the backyard. Barbecuing family fun. Watching the smoke rise from the red lid, waiting for the ribs and the fish to finish. He put his arm around me and joked that I had become like everyone else. The Bohemian artist mother he knew now worked for a College, and went in 9-5. And I started to cry. I feel lost without my images. My studio.

He felt badly, and hugged me - how ridiculous the mother crying on the shoulder of her just about adult son. And yet, it was beautiful. E reminding me that he was taught by one his favorite teachers in High School, Mr. Roper, that ideally we all reach the highpoint of our lives when we can teach others from our own experiences. That's where you are Mom. "You're still an artist Mom", he reassured me. You can paint out here, the wild backyard is your domain.

The life of an artist. I sit on the swing. The yard is huge, half of it a jungle of wild life. It is beautiful and peaceful. Perhaps I'll start to sculpt again, out here. Or paint. Or work digitally. I don't really know - until I know. Until the friction calls my name, and the seaweed wraps its wings around my heart and floats. Lifting me above myself.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Spiritualizes Matter

The sun spiritualizes matter, the moon materializes spirit. Or said another way:
The sun perceives matter as spirit, the moon perceives spirit as matter.

Dave says that explains the whole mystery of the universe.

I hope I live long enough to contemplate this until I understand it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ravens, Wolves and rainbows

I am sitting in a circle of light, breathing into the inner radiance of my Presence. In and out, staying focused as best I can. Feeling a deep inner peace and subtle sense of joy. Ahhh... that's what it is all about. That aliveness, still and joyful, not attached to thinking.

As soon as that thought crosses my mind - poof. I'm back. What a rascal the mind is. Like a 7 year old child playing games, trying to regain control of every moment. If you let it, it drives you insane. Not a friendly 7 year old at that. How old was that kid in the Omen? The runaway train of the mind needs release. Needs to be released, set free. Or we go crazy.

The most beautiful image arises, as I sink back down into that radiant Presence. My thoughts are ravens. I can see them, they are big blue black ravens, flying around the top of my head. I watch them form patterns in the sky, it is mesmerizing in its own right. They are attached to me though, by strings of light, wire, DNA? Hard to tell. The strings are connected to the back of head, where my skull meets my neck. I look up, the birds are loud. The craziness of our thoughts is the insanity of compulsive thinking, distracting us from the present moment. Drowning out the stillness. If I let it.

I take a scissor, in my minds eye I can see it so clearly, and cut the strings that bind them to me. Oh my goodness, how easy is it to find relief from thought. The courage to cut the strings that bind us. I watch the ravens, my embodied thoughts fly freely above me, no longer attached to my body. It is interesting that they do not leave, they are there still, ever flying back and forth. But I no longer hear them screeching. The insanity of constant thinking, a cacophony of flocks of ravens raucously calling out my thoughts over and over - had stopped. I watch them. I observe them, but I am not them. I become witness to their patterns. And it is peaceful.

The stillness that surrounds the watcher, is me. A deep sense of peace pervades this realization. Part of me watches, part of me disembodies and flies up to join the ravens. The sky splits open, and I find myself riding through the sky. The image shifts so quickly, and I ride through a ripple in the veil.

I am now on the back of a white wolf, like riding horseback with out a saddle. Not that I would know, being a city girl, but the image is there - real as the nose on my face. Riding bareback on a white wolf. Following the trail of the ravens as they fly. It reminds that all the creatures of myth, all dreams and spirits live in between the spaces in our minds. Current time, past time and future time all coexist in the moment as the scene turns into a rainbow pervading all of space. I watch. I am.

Am still, the witness to my being. I like the quiet best of all. And the inner joy. Nothing is real except for the stillness.

But I like the cosmic scissor idea - have to see if that can be patented. Imagine, going crazy worrying - here just cut the ties that bind you. Can't stop obsessing over that lost love affair? Here, cut the ties that bind you. Can't stop............but you can, just takes a snip. A raven, a wolf, a rainbow, and a scissor. What else do you need?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Compassion for Self is a Life's Work

I have started meditating again, first thing in the morning before getting dressed for work. The Tibetan incense burns slowly, filling the meditation room with a heavy scent. I love it. I love these rituals. Like a warm bath with lavender, it soothes my mind and calms my spirit.

It's very quiet in my house in the early morning. Alone. Quiet. I have a cup of iced oat straw tea and sit. I love these times. My spirit needs a certain amount of alone time to feel replenished.

This morning I ask for help, for guidance. I watch my breathe, in and out. Allow my state of consciousness to deepen. The message I receive was very beautiful, and timely - as are all of the gifts we receive in meditation. In my minds eye, I see an image of Yogananda, whose lessons on Self Realization I have been reading. He takes my hands in his, smiles. I sense his message "we are all children of the universe. We are all part of the divine plan. Allow karma to unfold as is written. Let go of the mind, the guilt, the rationals for everything. All is as it is, as it should be, as it will be. The law is love, and unfolds as it unfolds. Let go into the law, and relax. " He reminds me of the truth of the universe. I find it very reassuring.

We can all drive ourselves crazy with constant thoughts, going one way, then another, back and forth, as if the concerns of the ego mattered in reality. The pull of the past or the pull of the future, both consist of old habits, thought patterns of memory. Dave and I were just discussing this over the weekend, the vibration of memory and the distortions we cling to.

This morning I could see my worries, my thoughts, my lifetimes float by, above my head like clouds. Different personas and personalities, passing over time. I felt none were the real me, all just interpretations of the real within me. Nothing was held, in that moment everything floating freely. What a inner ahhhhh, such lasting wisdom.

I am reminded that compassion for ourselves, is a good place to start the day.

Getting back to this post, now early evening - am reminded that compassion for self is a life's work.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Infinite Tenderness

Dave gave me the second chapter of the new book he is working on to read and give him feedback. The chapter "The Divine Plan", is about 20 pages, and I sat yesterday at Broadway and 23rd street, under a blue umbrella, in the glorious shade reading - mesmerized.

I was so moved by much of it, but this particular passage especially. I read it again this morning. Towards the bottom of the first page he asks:

"Do we sense that the universe in some mysterious way, follows an immutable process to fulfill its own purpose and destiny?

Is it possible infinite reality has its basis in Law, yet infinite tenderness holds it together?"

Infinite tenderness. What an amazing idea. Could it be? When our minds relax enough, and our I AM, the inner knowing self that is our true self, radiates its calm throughout our entire being, there is a feeling of infinite tenderness. Infinite tenderness. I say the phrase to myself over and over, and somehow, I feel my inner awareness more clearly. I relax. Like the wisdom and mystery of following our breathing, the knowledge of law and tenderness as constants is a spiritual touchstone.

We are all so battered by life, at different times there is so much suffering, other times so much joy, and the mind grasps at straws to keep it all together. Dave reminds me, that the key is to get beyond the mind, which is where meditation is our guide. The guide into realization. So that our knowing is not of thought or believing in something, but of inner intuitive understanding.

There are times I am there, and other times, I fall short. And it is my belief system, my thoughts about an idea that loom larger than life. So, I close my eyes and breathe. The larger reality of our being, and our presence here on the earth plane is rooted in that breathe. As the sages say " we enter Zen from there". The yearning then for the Great Mother, or Great Father, The Absolute, is perhaps simply the yearning for the infinite tenderness that holds the Law together, with the heart of Law and the Universe as it is. All is as it is, all is as it should be. My breathe will lead me into this innate understanding, when I forget, I must remember to breathe. We are part of a greater plan.

Ah, to be human.

I, like most have a long way to go in my meditation process, my path of realization. But then, that's part of the Divine Plan.

And when in doubt, I'll ask Dave!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Relaxing into Contact

This morning Dave and I walked along the Hoboken waterfront. I take the Path train to SVA, he buys the paper, we kiss and go on our way. It's a lovely morning ritual. Many mornings Dave talks about life and spirit. Today he talked about the concept of being Present in a way that I found so moving. He called it Relaxing into Contact.

The image that arises for me is of the mind becoming a shining pool of liquid silver, consciousness flowing down the body to the "souls" of the feet. Relaxing with each step, breathing. Allowing the mind, and the jumble of thoughts that race around constantly, to relax, spread out, and slowly become liquid. Ahhh, so peaceful.

I have practiced watching the breathe for many years, and still I forget it is the key. In and out of this presence within, I become more aware of Now, the moment. The awareness of my true being watches then my personality self, my mind relax. Fascinating process. I am grateful for the morning reminders of what makes life LIFE.

Don't let your mind take you into stressful places - bring your focus back to the breath. Relax into every contact, every moment. Relax into the moment, into contact with the moment.

Observe your feelings, and smile. So that right now, all there is, is the smile. Feel that radiate through your body. Liquid consciousness, peace of mind, ahhhh.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let no day pass, without commenting on goodness

Sunday evening. A relaxing afternoon. Reading a great mystery, family is home and all is well. I'm grateful for little things.

I like to remember to live in the moment, as much as I can, in the NOW. There is always something good floating around to note, and feel, and breathe into. Maybe its a cool breeze in the humid summer evening, or the look in my cats eye when he gazes out the window at the squirrels that makes me smile. Tonight its watching DA play Doom on the xbox 360. E is playing WOW on the PC.

I bought a video game yesterday for myself, a game called OKAMI for the Wii - and have oficially started my life as gamer. I started playing this morning. In the game, I'm a white wolf spirit embodying the great mother Ameratsu in her quest to bring light to the dark filled worlds. What a hoot. That's the story line. Picture perfect.

I'm grateful for goodness and the wisdom brought to my consciousness through many forms. Watch for omens, and repeating metaphors. The universe talks to us through symbols. And perhaps, through video games too.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Angels and visitations

For a lot of people, when arising first thing in the morning, a bit groggy but not asleep, they see someone or something , can be phrased as "out of the corner of their eye". This is the time when their consciousness floats between worlds. Not quite in dream time not quite in present earth time, their ego's are not directing vision, emotion, processing to the brain. This is the twilight time. In this space, many people experience visitations. These are not to be confused with spirit guides or spirit animals, who we call to us and visit us through shifts of consciousness in meditation.

Who or what this "person" or being is who comes in the early morning hours, usually is not important. Why they are there or what they have to teach or offer, can be. Sometimes that too is not important, and sending them away is best. Spirit guides usually come to us in meditation and are invited on some level of our soul's journey. Beings that move through the veils can be "lost souls or tramp souls" and are usually not who/what we want in our bedrooms!

One thing to remember always, is that we are in control of this plane of consciousness. If you do not want to be visited, you can send a message from your minds eye " Go away - you are not welcomed now". You do not have to be open to this experience, or welcome it unbidden into your life. For a lot of people, this is the best way to handle this experience.

Having visitations does not make you special or different , though the ego always likes to feel "better than". It can mean however, that your ability to see through the veils is activated, and if there is a message for you in this experience, it is in receiving a gift from the experience. This gift can be received through your meditating on the "being", and asking for what it has to offer you, ask "what is the gift you bring" , and than send the "visitor" on its way.

Playing with psychic phenomena is not advised, their are so many things we do not understand or can control. But one thing I do believe, and have been taught - that all beings ourselves included are part of the Absolute source, and our role is to awaken in Presence to the All which is our truth, which we can find by going "inside". In this light of love/truth/calm beingness we all share, we accept the gifts of consciousness as it is manifested throughout the universe within ourselves.

This is why, when my cat sees "thing" flying around the room, I do not invite them to materialize. We treat it as "humorous" in my house, oh - Max sees them again. Sometimes they fly around quite quickly, sometimes I allow them to stay a bit - but never long. I know, that any message for me - anything I really need to take note of (which is not ego centered) will come in deep meditation and through my growing awakening. Any thing else, is just entertainment.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Psychic Abilities

Monday morning, drinking coffee answering emails. On vacation this week - lovely time to sit at the kitchen table while my son is sleeping, my cat is sleeping. My husband has moved his computer to the kitchen table to join me, so we can both read and type while the birds chirp outside, and the spirit animals that visit us walk around us.

Sometimes they circle the table a few times, then sit and stare up at us. They never stay long. These are not the ones that fly around the ceiling that intrigue my cat. These are different. So many realms within the veils. I wonder if the morning circling , like the wolves I met in Greece that I wrote about in my book, are part of the collective memory field. When you shift your attention away from psychological time - they are there. It fascinates me - being human. What a hoot. What a busy morning.

If you read one book this summer, consider "Called or Not, Spirits are Present" http//

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I like to watch.... (this is not what you think!)

My husband has discovered the XBox 360, I now spend hours watching him play Doom. I've been watching my son play video games for the last 15 years, so it seemed like a natural progression to now watch my hubby. Watching someone play video games is a great way to spend time together. Its just like watching sports. I'm not playing myself, but I am rooting for my honey to win, we talk strategy, laugh and mourne his deaths together. Many a time, I've yelled out loud "you go my honey, kill those zombies... watch out for the pinky monster, yikes - you need more health, you need the BFGun - oh no - your dead."

I like to watch many things, if I stop and think about it. The sun rise, my cat sleeping, a movie with my son. And lately, I like watching the spirits flying around my apartment.

My cat always notices them first.

At age 50 I am an artist, a psychic healer, a spiritual counselor, an author, a career counselor, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, and a friend. I can see things. I can hear things. What I like more than anything, I've discovered more so of late, is to watch things.

Video games aside, with a deep breath and calm center I love to step aside from my constant thinking, and judging, and watch. The witness is a good phrase for it. I like developing the witness within my consciousness, the Present as Presence. Something marvelous always happens. Notice the unfolding of the world around you, within you , breath and you will sense the swirl of energy - everywhere. They are everywhere.

You are both part of it and not part of it.

I think this is very cool myself. The calm sense of center, the watcher. Part and not part. As my evolution continues, I become younger as I let go of what I think I know. I like this process a lot. I have begun to practice this both in my meditation and in my waking self. It helps deepen the sense of I AM within me, and within us all, and the part of self that still needs to connect with the earth plane simultaneously.

When you meditate, do you sense the watcher within? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I highly recommend reading Eckhart Tolle's book "The New Earth" - it is truly an amazing teaching, and talks more eloquently than I could ever on this process.

As I look up from writing this, my first post on my new blog - I see that my husband is teleporting to the soul cube lab - gotta go. It's dark and demons are throwing fire balls at him, yikes. My cat is fast asleep and all is well with the world.

If you have a son, or daughter, wife or husband who plays video games - and they say, hey hon - want to watch? Try it, you'll like it.