Sunday, November 15, 2009

Embrace Uncertainty

Expect the unanticipated - that is all that is certain.

Dave has these wonderful pithy sayings he shares, I learn so much. Sharing ideas about being present in the spaciousness of NOW, letting what is as it is written, observed and lived. It really does take a load off.

When we expect - we are either in the past/memory - or in the future/anticipation. Neither are real, both figments of constructed images. Our ideas appearing as real.

The freedom of not controlling. This is why I meditate sometimes - to be free. The movement of being still. And all of life expands. It is endless really. Love that place of no=mind. Large and free, ancient and all encompassing.

If I can maintain that peace of presence in my sessions with my clients and students, as I do in the studio, I have realized a great deal. Then I am purposeful in my breathing, and healing in my affect. And none of it probably matters. Though I am glad to bring what I can to those to who come to see me.

I learn so much from being alive.

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