Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's an artist to do?

As most of you know, among the manner things I create, I provide creative career coaching at the School of Visual Arts and spend a good part of my time helping art students and professionals think strategically.  My mantra has been (yes I have many, but this is the latest one) Relationships, Research and Referrals as a guiding light to building a creative career.

You cannot do career alone. You have to have community.  You have to have spirit, whether that is emotional or spiritual, and you have to share. Build community, participate in community, grow community. I've been saying this for years now, many of you I know have taken these ideas into your art practice and into the world. The world is a better place because of you.

I firmly believe that all of us have unique talents, and together we create micro-markets of value.  It is our values that matter in the world, and the value we create in the marketplace is simply an offshoot of who we are, and what we believe in. It is felt in what we make.

So what do you believe in? Why does it matter?

The world is in flux - everywhere. Be prepared means who has your back? Who will you help? How can your pursuit of beauty and change help create a climate of value and inspiration?

We must inspire change, motivate ourselves and others in the pursuit of beauty, and allow the spirit in all things to flourish through our creativity. That's how it looks and feels to me.  Together create beauty and value, share beauty and value, support beauty and value by purchasing beauty and value. Whether it is clothing, art work, music, ideas.

How does it look and feel to you?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wanted to share this Trends Journal alert

Trends Journal Predicted
Global Anti-Gov't Protests: What's Next?

KINGSTON, NY, 24 February 2011 — It is a matter of record! The spate of seething, youth-inspired Middle East uprisings that are toppling governments, reshaping the geopolitical landscape and roiling world markets blindsided the world’s intelligence community. 

Not the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff or National Security Council saw it coming. Mossad and MI5 missed it! None of the mainstream media’s star-studded stable of scholars, experts and think-tank policy wonks were thinking ahead. 

But what was breaking news to them was yesterday’s news for Trends Journal readers. In the summer 2010 issue, we wrote:

What’s happening in Greece will spread worldwide as economies decline. There are no organizations behind this response, it’s a public response. This is a 21st century rendition of ‘Workers of the World unite' … Initially the strikes, riots and protests by unions, student groups, the unemployed, pensioners, and the outraged were sloughed off as predictable (but short-lived and ineffectual) responses that would either peter out on their own or be stomped down by the police … The unofficial reality was that, as Gerald Celente has repeatedly warned: “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

By the Autumn of 2010, our Globanomic methodology pointed to socioeconomic conditions rapidly deteriorating to such an extent that we warned readers of an imminent explosion: “Off With Their Heads 2.0” read our headline, capturing the revolutionary impulse of people who could no longer ignore the toll financial hardship was taking on their lives. 

We subsequently identified the role the social media (a megatrend-in-waiting) would play in tipping the balance of political power and breaking the grip of government control. In December 2011, just days before the world tuned into Tunisia, we released our “Top Trends of 2011.” Among them was “Journalism 2.0” which, we predicted, would put an arsenal of digital/Internet weapons into the hands of virtually every citizen via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Deployed by youthful revolutionaries around the world, they would bypass corporate/government media, outwit intelligence agencies, outflank the military and police and rally the populace into the streets and onto the barricades.
(See, “Journalism 2.0.” Trends Journal, Winter 2011).

As we wrote before Tunisia and Egypt erupted, the outbreaks would go global and the reasons behind the unrest would be more about bread and butter issues than politics. As economies decline, unemployment rises, taxes are raised and services cut – while those at the top get richer and most everyone else gets poorer – revolutions will continue to spread. 
But that’s not the way it’s being represented by the same people who didn’t see it coming. The media, pundits and politicians have misrepresented the historic geopolitical events that have occupied the news since the onset of the New Year. Virtually overnight, the revolutions have been glorified as courageous fights for freedom and liberty by democracy-hungry-masses.
But it is not hunger for democracy that drives them. Democracy, autocracy, theocracy, monarchy – right, center, left – it is mostly a gut issue…an empty gut issue. When the money stops flowing down to the man in the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets. It’s a simple equation. A few at the top have too much, and too many others have too little.
What’s Next
In response to the current Middle East uprisings, gold has broken above $1400 an ounce and Brent Crude climbed to $113 a barrel. There is no end in sight to market volatility. As the violence escalates and expands, the fallout will be felt around the world. 
From the onset of the financial crisis that began in August 2007, and through the ensuing Panic of ’08, Washington, the Federal Reserve and central banks have managed to forestall a Great Depression-grade meltdown by way of a variety of multi-trillion dollar rescue packages, bailouts and stimulus programs. For three years the programs were able to induce an illusory and superficial recovery that, barring a major external geopolitical jolt, might have continued to run its course until the inevitable denouement. 

But now the jolt felt around the world is in the process of shattering the recovery illusion. Whether deliberately (as calculated policy) or as fallout from fear-based denial, the pieces are not being put together. The current unrest is not confined to the Middle East and North Africa, and as we had forecast, it will spread to Europe and other parts of the world. The more volatile and widespread the insurrections, the greater the probability that some combination of events (e.g., oil shock, terror attack, cyber wars and regional wars) will crash already fragile economies, and roil sound ones.

Be Prepared Conditions are spinning out of control. In some countries, bank and stock market closures are real possibilities, as is the imposition of martial law. We reiterate our forecast for gold $2000. We recommend keeping cash and necessities on hand to help weather emergency situations. If the worst does not happen, nothing is lost. If the worst happens and you are not prepared, you are lost.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New CaFE application listings - grants, shows, residencies

I just received the below email. Wanted to share:

Dear CaFE™ Artist,

New opportunities are listed on CaFE™, and many application deadlines are approaching. See what new opportunities you can apply to below. You can login to CaFE here or go to to apply to one of these opportunities.

City of Longmont: Art on the Move 2011-2012
Entry Deadline: 2/18/11

Open to COLORADO artists. Seeking five works of art to display in Longmont Colorado for Art on the Move 2011-12.

Art Match City of Bend Oregon: Pine Nursery Community Park
Entry Deadline: 2/20/11

Art in Public Places, Inc. (AiPP) on behalf of the public art initiative for the City of Bend, Oregon known as ArtMatch, seeks to commission a permanent large scale work of art for the roundabout (traffic circle) at Pine Nursery Community Park at 3750 N.E. Purcell in Bend, Oregon. This is an open competition for professional artists residing in the Northwest United States, specifically the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Northern California.

Fee: $25.00 (FATE/MACAA Members Juried Exhibition)
Entry Deadline: 2/22/11

FATE and MACAA welcome submissions for two exhibition opportunities. A Members show and an International Student Freshman Foundations Exhibition

Durham Arts Council: Annual Call for Artists 2011-2012
Fee: $10.00 (Durham Arts Council: Annual Call for Artists)
Entry Deadline: 2/25/11

The Durham Arts Council issues a call to visual artists each year to select artists for exhibition in its Allenton and Semans Galleries. Screening panels change annually and consist of art professionals from the area (central North Carolina). Exhibitions selected in the current Call for Artists will take place between August 2011 and August 2012. Selected artists will generally receive one entire gallery for a solo exhibition. Please note that this call is open to artists outside of North Carolina but that, due to funding restrictions, these artists must transport, install and remove their own work if accepted.

City of Ashville Request for Qualifications: Artist Instructors
Entry Deadline: 2/28/11

The City of Asheville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department is seeking artist instructors, demonstrators, and performers for their cultural arts programming throughout Asheville.

Douglas County Art Encounters 2011-2012
Event Dates: 12/30/10 - 2/28/11
Entry Deadline: 2/28/11

Art Encounters is a year-long outdoor sculpture exhibit that showcases a number of sculptures, in various media and styles, displayed in highly visible areas in Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and Parker. The project is designed to promote public interest in art, develop community pride and draw visitors to the retail or civic areas where they are displayed.

Fort Collins Studio Tour
Fee: $10.00 (Fort Collins Studio Tour)
Entry Deadline: 2/28/11

The City of Fort Collins, Colorado, Studio Tour will be held on Saturday and Sunday, June 25 and 26, 2011 from 10 am – 5 pm both days. Accepted artists must be available in their studios during all open hours on both days of the tour. The Fort Collins Studio Tour is an educational experience that enhances the understanding and appreciation of the visual arts by giving people a first hand experience with the artists in their studios, the creative process and the artwork. This event is open to Fort Collins, Laporte, and Bellvue, Colorado artists only.

Charlotte Street Foundation Urban Culture Project Studio Residency Program
Entry Deadline: 2/28/11

Charlotte Street Foundation is seeking applications from artists interested in being considered for its Urban Culture Project Studio Residency Program for Visual and Performing Artists, located in three facilities in downtown Kansas City, MO. Launched in January 2004, UCP’s Studio Residency Program provides free studio spaces to talented and dedicated area artists in need of space in which to work among a community of peers. The studios are granted to selected artists for one year terms. No full time students will be considered. Studios are work spaces only; the program does not provide residential accommodations. The studios do not include access to specialized equipment, tools, materials, etc. A dance stage with Marley floor is provided for dancers/choreographers. Applications are due MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2011 from artists wishing to be considered for a limited number of studio residencies whose terms will begin in May, 2011. (Applicants at this time will be considered f! or approximately 7 visual artist resident spots and 2 performing studio resident/group spots) Note, the next call for applications will be posted mid-summer for slots opening September 2011.)

New Urban Lifestyles - 2011 Illy/SVA Photography Contest
Entry Deadline: 2/28/11

illy issimo (Ilko Coffee International) and the MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Department at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) are pleased to announce New Urban Lifestyles – the 2nd Annual Photography photography contest for SVA’s photography students and alumni. This exciting contest aims to find talented emerging photographers whose unique vision documents the dynamic nature of contemporary urban life. This contest is only open to SVA photography students and alumni from MFA Photography, Video and Related Media, BFA Photography and MPS Photography. DEADLINE - FEB. 28th Please note: You DO NOT NEED and "Invitational Call Passcode" to apply, ignore the passcode and continue to Manage Images and then Apply to Calls.

2011 Art aRound Town in Carbondale, Colorado
VIEW MORE INFO Entry Deadline: 3/1/11

Art aRound Town in hip Carbondale, Colorado! Internationally famous sculptor James Surls and the Carbondale Public Arts Commission will jury the 2011 street art program in Carbondale, a lively community near Aspen and home of the new Jasper Johns Powers Art Center. Our increased honorarium should tempt you, too. Be seen in the Roaring Fork Valley's hot spot! Eight sculptures will be accepted.

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve 2012 Artist-in-Residence Program
Entry Deadline: 3/1/11

The Gates of the Arctic Artist-in-Residence program offers professional writers, composers, musicians, two and three-dimensional visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, and artisans of all types the opportunity to pursue their art in a premier wilderness setting; Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. For more information on Gates of the Arctic, the Artist in Residence program and tips for applications

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center Member Exhibition
Entry Deadline: 3/1/11

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center invites all of its members to enter the Annual Member's Juried Exhibition. Not a member? Become one here! All prints, works on/in paper, and book arts will be considered by the juror. Selected works will be on exhibit in the Washington Printmakers Gallery, located on the second floor of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, from April 1-22, 2011. Three awards, sponsored by Plaza Artist Materials, will be granted.

2011 APP HAWAII: Commissioned Works of Art for the Department of Education
Entry Deadline: 3/4/11

Art in Public Places/Department of Education--Artists in Residence Program of the Hawai`i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts is soliciting artists in the State of Hawai`i for four commissioned works of art projects in public schools.

Henry Art Gallery: Facade Window Project
Entry Deadline: 3/4/11

The Henry Art Gallery, the art museum of the University of Washington in Seattle, is soliciting proposals for a site-specific, large-scale temporary media project for the fa├žade of the museum’s main entrance. The Henry seeks to engage an artist or artist team to create a media art project that will be visually striking and attention-grabbing, arousing interest and curiosity in the Henry, and motivating people to enter the museum. Jurors will select the work that best meets this functional need and that exhibits a unique and captivating artistic vision.

California Community Foundation: Fellowships For Visual Artists 2011 - Due 11 pm PST, March 4, 2011
Entry Deadline: 3/4/11

For more than 95 years, the California Community Foundation (CCF) has recognized, encouraged and supported the Southern California arts community by funding and nurturing a full range of artistic expressions. The Fellowship for Visual Artists is designed to support local emerging and mid-career artists in advancing to the next level of professional development. Must be a resident of Los Angeles County to apply.

En Foco: The Changing World
Entry Deadline: 3/4/11

The Changing World is open to En Foco members of all nationalities/ethnicities, working in all photo-based media. There is no fee, but a membership is required to participate (current through May ’11, or new membership). Non-members are welcome to join. To join, visit:

Intersections: the Kenai at the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center
Fee: $25.00 (Intersections: the Kenai at the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center)
Entry Deadline: 3/7/11

"Intersections: the Kenai" is a juried contemporary Alaska art exhibit included as part of the "Intersecting Journeys" program for summer 2011 at the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center in Kenai, Alaska. Only artists who are residents of the State of Alaska are eligible to apply.

Entry Deadline: 3/11/11

VSA, the international organization on arts and disability, is accepting artwork submissions by visual artists on the theme of "Shift" - an investigation of those moments in life that alter the direction of a person’s path. Open to artists (ages 18 and over) who are committed to their artistic progress and who have a physical, cognitive, or mental disability.

The Public Art Exhibition on Hilton Head Island
Fee: $35.00 (The Public Art Exhibition on Hilton Head Island )
Entry Deadline: 3/15/11

The Inaugural Public Art Exhibition will be held from September to December 31, 2011 at the spectacular and historic Coastal Discovery Museum Honey Horn Plantation on Hilton Head Island. Regional, national and international sculpture artists are invited to submit work for display during the event. A nationally-recognized jury has been assembled to review and choose for the Inaugural Public Art Exhibition. Selected sculptures/sculptors will be awarded a $2,000 participation stipend and outstanding artworks will receive cash prize awards. As a secondary and project, the jurors will be also considering artwork for purchase $50,000 to $75,000, and these artworks will become a permanent part of Hilton Head Island's growing public art collection. The public promotion of the event and awards ceremony will take place September 24-November 5, 2011, however artists are strongly encouraged to leave their piece on site through December 31, 2011. The mission of the Public Art Exhibition ! is to be an important, internationally recognized platform for sculpture while educating and inspiring the Hilton Head Island community and its many visitors. To learn more about the event, go to

Society of North American Goldsmiths Educational Endowment Scholarship
Entry Deadline: 3/15/11

The Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) Artists. Designers. Jewelers. Metalsmiths. presents: EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENT SCHOLARSHIP 2011 With the Educational Endowment Scholarship for 2011, SNAG will award four Scholarships with at least one award given to a student that is currently an undergraduate. A $3000 Hoover and Strong award for Production Jewelry Designs*, one $2000 award, one $1500 award and one $1000 award; each includes one year’s SNAG membership. * The Hoover and Strong Award is for graduate students or those entering graduate school.

Alaska Contemporary Art Bank Call for Art 2011
Entry Deadline: 3/18/11

The Alaska State Council on the Arts is seeking 2D and 3D relocatable artwork for the Alaska Contemporary Art Bank, an Art in Public Places program. ALASKAN ARTISTS only. Deadline for submission is 09:59 PM AST, March 4, 2011

Images 2011: The Gallery Exhibition of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
Fee: $30.00 (Images 2011)
Entry Deadline: 3/18/11

Images 2011 is open to artists residing in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and the District of Columbia. Images, a juried mid-Atlantic regional exhibition for fine art and fine craft celebrates its twenty-third year. Sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, Images has evolved into a well-respected show for both emerging and established artists. The exhibition will hang in the Robeson Gallery, HUB-Robeson Center, University Park Campus, The Pennsylvania State University. The juror for Images 2011 will be Ron Rumford, an artist and the Director of the Dolan/Maxwell Gallery in Philadelphia.

Spokane Arts Commission: All Media Juried Show
Fee: $30.00 (Spokane Arts Commission: All Media Juried Show)
Entry Deadline: 3/18/11

Juried Exhibition to be juried by Karen Bubb from Boise Arts Commission. The All Media Juried Show is open to artists in Spokane and throughout the Northwest Region (Washington, Oregon, Idaho).

Los Angeles Printmaking Society: Juried Membership Exhibition 2011
Fee: $15.00 (Los Angeles Printmaking Society: Juried Membership Exhibition 2011)
Entry Deadline: 3/20/11

THE CITY of BREA ART GALLERY is a non-collecting gallery and the municipal gallery for the city of Brea. It is a large space that can display up to 100 art works, and has an active and varied schedule of exhibitions. JUROR Mike McGee is currently the gallery director and professor of art at Cal State Fullerton University where he heads the museum studies/exhibition design graduate program. He has worked as an art writer, curator, and arts administrator since 1982. He has organized and written catalog essays for more than two hundred exhibitions working with artists such as Don Bachardy, Tony DeLap, Paul McCarthy, Mark Ryden, Kenny Scharf, and Robert Williams. He is also founder of the Cal State Fullerton Grand Central Art Center in downtown Santa Ana, California. His most recent book is John Paul Jones: The Pursuit of Beauty’s Perfect Proof.

2011 Cary Visual Art Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition
Fee: $25.00 (2011 Cary Visual Art Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition)
Entry Deadline: 3/25/11

Sculpture artists from across the nation are invited to participate in the 2011 Cary Visual Art Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition, August 12, 2011 - June 22, 2012. This exhibition offers established and emerging artists the opportunity to display their sculptures throughout the heart of downtown Cary, North Carolina. The 2011 Exhibition will feature 10 sculptures selected by juror Jack Becker, executive director of Forecast Public Art and publisher of Public Art Review. Artists will also receive the opportunity to attend a lecture by Jack Becker the evening prior to installation day. The 10 artists will receive a $1,000 stipend and 1 night’s hotel accommodations; the Best in Show will be awarded an additional $5,000 on the evening of installation. For exhibition criteria and additional information, visit Artists should apply online through Application deadline is March 25, 2011. Artists may submit as many applications a! s they wish; application fee applies. $25/per application, application can contain 2 individual artworks.

Hallie Ford Fellowship in the Visual Arts, The Ford Family Foundation
Entry Deadline: 3/29/11

The Ford Family Foundation, headquartered in Roseburg, Oregon, invites artists who have resided in Oregon for no less than 36 months and are currently a legal resident of the state to submit qualifications for consideration for a Hallie Ford Fellowship. The deadline for submission is 10:59 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Applications will only be accepted by artists through the CaFE system ( who meet the eligibility requirements as outlined below. Artists who have not previously established a profile on CaFE must register before applying. Directions for doing so are available under First Time Users Register Here or at Late applications cannot be accepted and incomplete applications cannot be reviewed.

Community Cultural Hub: Rethink CUE
Fee: $10.00 (Community Cultural Hub: Rethink CUE's Space)
Entry Deadline: 3/31/11

As an artist centric organization CUE Art Foundation seeks out new ways to serve under-recognized artists. With the aim of offering a more open and inclusive exhibition opportunity to our community, CUE is launching an open application program with the first selected proposal being showcased in March 2012 for approximately 7 weeks. This open call will offer a show to one selected applicant per exhibition season. Each year, CUE will consider new criteria for the open application exhibition ensuring opportunities are created for a diversity of voices. Each year, CUE’s Exhibition Curatorial Advisory Council will be engaged to help determine the criteria, keeping in mind the necessity of it pertaining to current issues within the art world and embracing CUE’s mission.

19th Annual Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) International Exhibition
Fee: $35.00 (19th Annual Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) International Exhibition)
Entry Deadline: 3/31/11

The Charles W. Eisemann Center Richardson, TX. This annual exhibition is limited to works in 100% colored pencil and is the only venue where CPSA members can earn CPSA Signature status. The exhibition features over $14,000 in awards including the $2,000 Best of Show award and CIPPY trophy.

Apogaea, Inc: ILLUMINATE
Entry Deadline: 3/31/11

A collaborative outdoor arts and music festival held in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

2011 Art on Parade - Northglenn CO
Entry Deadline: 3/31/11

The Northglenn Arts and Humanities Foundation (NAHF) is conducting an open entry competition to select six sculptures ─ valued at no more than $20,000 each ─ to be part of Northglenn’s “Art on Parade” on-loan sculpture program. The selected pieces will be installed for a period of one year at E.B. Rains Junior Memorial Park surrounding Webster Lake in Northglenn, Colorado.

Artists of Hawaii 2011
Fee: $25.00 (Artists of Hawai'i 2011)
Entry Deadline: 4/1/11

The Honolulu Academy of Arts annual juried exhibition is one of the longest running juried exhibitions in the country, showcasing the quality and diversity of Hawaii’s artists. All artists residing in the state of Hawaii are eligible. Artists may submit up to 3 artworks. There is a $25 Jury Fee which includes one digital image submission. Each additional digital image submitted is $5 (1 entry=$25; 2 entries=$30; 3 entries=$35; 1 entry+1 detail=$30; 2 entries+1 detail=$35, etc). For more information on the Honolulu Academy of Arts please visit

John Michael Kohler Arts Center: Arts/Industry Residency
Entry Deadline: 4/1/11

The John Michael Kohler Arts/Industry residency is a long-term residency in Kohler, Wisconsin. The residency is open to visual artists worldwide. Applications are accepted year-round, but there is a deadline of April 1 for residencies in the following calendar year. Major funding is provided by Kohler Co.

Rocket Grants 2011-2012 Call for Proposals
Entry Deadline: 4/1/11

Project-based grants for experimental, interdisciplinary, public-oriented art in non-traditional spaces, Kansas City Region

Boulder Open Studios 2011 Fall Artist Tour
Fee: $35.00 (Boulder Open Studios 2011 Fall Artist Tour)
Entry Deadline: 4/1/11

Open Studios Fall Artist Tour is now in its 16th year. Presented by OpenArts, Open Studios takes place Saturdays and Sundays, on October 1-2 & 8-9, 2011, from 12:00 Noon to 6:00PM each day.A preview exhibition will take place at Boulder Public Library in the Canyon Gallery from September 6 through October 9, 2011. The opening reception will be at Boulder Public Library, 9th St & Canyon Blvd, Boulder, Colorado, on Friday, September 30, 2011, from 6PM-8PM. A $35 NON-REFUNDABLE application fee by credit card or check (checks payable to OpenArts, 1301 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302) is required with the online application and must be postmarked by April 1, 2011. We will inform you whether or not you have been accepted by May 2, 2011. If accepted, a $225 participation fee paid by check must be postmarked by May 16, 2011. Checks will be deposited May 18, 2011, and are non-refundable after this date. OpenArts Mission Statement: To provide an educational opportunity for the commun! ity to gain a broader understanding and appreciation of the visual arts through the personal experience of meeting artists in their private studios and other forums.

Artspace Artists Association Professional Membership Spring 2011
Fee: $25.00 (Artspace Artists Association Professional Membership Spring 2011)
Entry Deadline: 4/1/11

Artspace Artists Association (AAA) is an organization of artists working together in Raleigh, NC to promote growth of the individual artist, to provide an environment of interaction with other artists and with the public, and to foster the mission of Artspace. Professional artists interested in becoming a member of the Artspace Artists Association must be juried in through a two-stage jury process. The first phase of the jurying takes place through Artists who pass the first phase of the jury must be able to bring their work to Artspace in Raleigh, NC for the second phase of jurying.

Arts at the Airport: Call to Artists Nashville Int Airport
Entry Deadline: 4/1/11

Arts at the Airport (AaA) announces a Call to Artists for artists to be considered for upcoming exhibitions at the Nashville International Airport. NOTE ABOUT ELIGIBILITY: This opportunity is open only to Tennessee residents or artists who can demonstrate a strong connection to Tennessee either through prior residency or your work

Dairy Center for the Arts for 2012
Fee: $35.00 (Dairy Center for the Arts for 2012)
Entry Deadline: 4/4/11

The Dairy Center for the Arts has opened the application process for all gallery exhibits for 2011. The Dairy encourages artists who work in all visual art mediums to apply. The application deadline is midnight, Monday, April 4, 2011.

Hit That Shutter 2011 Undergraduate Photo Survey
Fee: $30.00 (Hit That Shutter 2011 Undergraduate Photo Survey)
Entry Deadline: 4/8/11

Hit That Shutter Is pleased to announce a call for entries for publication in a professionally printed collection of undergraduate work from around the country.

60th Annual All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition
Fee: $35.00 (60th Annual All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition)
Entry Deadline: 4/15/11

60TH ANNUAL ALL FLORIDA JURIED COMPETITION AND EXHIBITION June 29 – September 11, 2011. ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: FEBRUARY 1, 2011. Applicants may enter up to THREE (3) artworks. (Only ONE application per artist is permitted.) Florida’s oldest statewide annual juried all media competition showcases the best prominent and emerging Florida artists today. This year the Museum celebrates the 60th anniversary of the All Florida, reinforcing its strong commitment to Florida artists. This year's juror is Valerie Ann Leeds, Adjunct Curator of American Art at the Flint Institute of Arts, Michigan. She will review submissions, selecting the exhibition and awards.

WJA Student Scholarship 2011 -2012
Fee: $10.00 (WJA Student Scholarship 2011 -2012)
Entry Deadline: 4/15/11

WJA is committed to empowering women in the international jewelry, watch and related businesses. To this end, WJA is offering Scholarships to female students enrolled in accredited fine jewelry and watch design courses in the United States of America.

Piedmont Craftsmen 2011
Fee: $30.00 (Piedmont Craftsmen 2010)
Entry Deadline: 4/18/11

Thank you for your interest in Piedmont Craftsmen and welcome to the annual jury process for exhibiting members. Since its founding in 1964, Piedmont Craftsmen has evolved into one of the nation’s most highly respected craft guilds, presenting an annual Fair that is considered one of the finest in the southeastern United States. Total sales by 125 exhibiting craftsmen are estimated at nearly $400,000. Piedmont Craftsmen’s Gallery and Shop anchor the Arts District in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. The gallery attracts over 18,000 visitors each year, and grossed more than $250,000 in sales of fine craft. Visit for more information about Piedmont Craftsmen. Piedmont Craftsmen holds a two-part jury process each year for craftsmen interested in becoming Exhibiting Members. Part 1, the Image Jury, is being conducted on CaFE at in partnership with the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF). This online process requires that all appli! cation images and materials be submitted in digital format. Applicants must live and work in one of the Southeastern states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia or the District of Columbia. Deadline: The application, images and other required materials must be submitted electronically by midnight, Monday, April 18, 2011 to

WAOW, Inc.: 2011 Application for membership in Women Artists of the West
Fee: $35.00 (WAOW, Inc.: 2011 Application for membership in Women Artists of the West )
Entry Deadline: 9/30/11

Application for membership in Women Artists of the West (WAOW, Inc.), an organization of women artists with members across the US and Canada. “Membership includes a page on WAOW’s web page with links to your private e-mail and web site. We have at least one juried show per year for our members and try for one other. We have an extensive communications program for our members.”

Nine Dot Arts Artist Database
Entry Deadline: Rolling

NINE dot ARTS is a corporate art consulting firm based in Denver, CO. We find and secure artwork for corporate clients such as hotels, hospitals, and private offices. We are building our new artist database and are open for submissions from both existing and new artists.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tax Season - freelancer style

Just saw this on the freelancers union site as I was researching accountants:

Low-cost Tax Prep in NYC

The brisk air here in the Northeast makes you want to just run inside, get warm, and file your taxes, doesn’t it? Okay, even if that’s not how you feel, we did want to let you know about how you may ease your tax-filing jitters. The Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union can help diffuse your confusion about filing your self-employment taxes (got that?). You can go there for a free consultation and pay as little as $50 for your actual tax preparation. For more information, contact Rebecca. Know of any similar resources in your community? Let us know!

One Response to “Low-cost Tax Prep in NYC”

  1. Stephen Tsui Says:
    We can’t beat $50, but the average return on our site last year was $123 from CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents. Most of our accountants also offer free consultations to determine your exact tax needs. We’ve just been featured in VentureBeat/The New York Times ( as an alternative to TurboTax and H&R Block. At, freelancers can:
    • Find the best accountant for the needs of your specific industry
    • Choose an accountant and work completely online - on hours most convenient for you
    • Upload files for review by your accountant
    • Use popular web 2.0 software with the site, as it is integrated with Expensify, FreshBooks, Harvest, LessAccounting, and Shoeboxed.
    • Hear from your peers, with access to online reviews of each accountant
    • Feel safe, as Teaspiller uses bank-encrypted security
    • Quickly get back to actually running your business
    Check out our site at . We love working with freelancers!