Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ravens, Wolves and rainbows

I am sitting in a circle of light, breathing into the inner radiance of my Presence. In and out, staying focused as best I can. Feeling a deep inner peace and subtle sense of joy. Ahhh... that's what it is all about. That aliveness, still and joyful, not attached to thinking.

As soon as that thought crosses my mind - poof. I'm back. What a rascal the mind is. Like a 7 year old child playing games, trying to regain control of every moment. If you let it, it drives you insane. Not a friendly 7 year old at that. How old was that kid in the Omen? The runaway train of the mind needs release. Needs to be released, set free. Or we go crazy.

The most beautiful image arises, as I sink back down into that radiant Presence. My thoughts are ravens. I can see them, they are big blue black ravens, flying around the top of my head. I watch them form patterns in the sky, it is mesmerizing in its own right. They are attached to me though, by strings of light, wire, DNA? Hard to tell. The strings are connected to the back of head, where my skull meets my neck. I look up, the birds are loud. The craziness of our thoughts is the insanity of compulsive thinking, distracting us from the present moment. Drowning out the stillness. If I let it.

I take a scissor, in my minds eye I can see it so clearly, and cut the strings that bind them to me. Oh my goodness, how easy is it to find relief from thought. The courage to cut the strings that bind us. I watch the ravens, my embodied thoughts fly freely above me, no longer attached to my body. It is interesting that they do not leave, they are there still, ever flying back and forth. But I no longer hear them screeching. The insanity of constant thinking, a cacophony of flocks of ravens raucously calling out my thoughts over and over - had stopped. I watch them. I observe them, but I am not them. I become witness to their patterns. And it is peaceful.

The stillness that surrounds the watcher, is me. A deep sense of peace pervades this realization. Part of me watches, part of me disembodies and flies up to join the ravens. The sky splits open, and I find myself riding through the sky. The image shifts so quickly, and I ride through a ripple in the veil.

I am now on the back of a white wolf, like riding horseback with out a saddle. Not that I would know, being a city girl, but the image is there - real as the nose on my face. Riding bareback on a white wolf. Following the trail of the ravens as they fly. It reminds that all the creatures of myth, all dreams and spirits live in between the spaces in our minds. Current time, past time and future time all coexist in the moment as the scene turns into a rainbow pervading all of space. I watch. I am.

Am still, the witness to my being. I like the quiet best of all. And the inner joy. Nothing is real except for the stillness.

But I like the cosmic scissor idea - have to see if that can be patented. Imagine, going crazy worrying - here just cut the ties that bind you. Can't stop obsessing over that lost love affair? Here, cut the ties that bind you. Can't stop............but you can, just takes a snip. A raven, a wolf, a rainbow, and a scissor. What else do you need?

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