Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Angels and visitations

For a lot of people, when arising first thing in the morning, a bit groggy but not asleep, they see someone or something , can be phrased as "out of the corner of their eye". This is the time when their consciousness floats between worlds. Not quite in dream time not quite in present earth time, their ego's are not directing vision, emotion, processing to the brain. This is the twilight time. In this space, many people experience visitations. These are not to be confused with spirit guides or spirit animals, who we call to us and visit us through shifts of consciousness in meditation.

Who or what this "person" or being is who comes in the early morning hours, usually is not important. Why they are there or what they have to teach or offer, can be. Sometimes that too is not important, and sending them away is best. Spirit guides usually come to us in meditation and are invited on some level of our soul's journey. Beings that move through the veils can be "lost souls or tramp souls" and are usually not who/what we want in our bedrooms!

One thing to remember always, is that we are in control of this plane of consciousness. If you do not want to be visited, you can send a message from your minds eye " Go away - you are not welcomed now". You do not have to be open to this experience, or welcome it unbidden into your life. For a lot of people, this is the best way to handle this experience.

Having visitations does not make you special or different , though the ego always likes to feel "better than". It can mean however, that your ability to see through the veils is activated, and if there is a message for you in this experience, it is in receiving a gift from the experience. This gift can be received through your meditating on the "being", and asking for what it has to offer you, ask "what is the gift you bring" , and than send the "visitor" on its way.

Playing with psychic phenomena is not advised, their are so many things we do not understand or can control. But one thing I do believe, and have been taught - that all beings ourselves included are part of the Absolute source, and our role is to awaken in Presence to the All which is our truth, which we can find by going "inside". In this light of love/truth/calm beingness we all share, we accept the gifts of consciousness as it is manifested throughout the universe within ourselves.

This is why, when my cat sees "thing" flying around the room, I do not invite them to materialize. We treat it as "humorous" in my house, oh - Max sees them again. Sometimes they fly around quite quickly, sometimes I allow them to stay a bit - but never long. I know, that any message for me - anything I really need to take note of (which is not ego centered) will come in deep meditation and through my growing awakening. Any thing else, is just entertainment.


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