Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Universalization of the Individual

I'm re-reading "Self-Unfoldment by Disciplines of Realization" by Manley P. Hall. If there was one book I could have on a desert island, and no others - it would be this one. I try to re-read it every 6 months, it is the most beautiful lessons on life and law that I have ever read. Natural Law, truth, beauty. It creates a resonance of calm and peace within my entire being.

I love to be reminded of what matters. I can get lost in the petty arguments of my personality. At the office, in the subway, watching Monday night football and listening with annoyance at the announcers, and don't get me started on the commercials. Pretty funny in retrospect, how easily I can loose sight of the truth.

Then I read a sentence, have a moment of peace spreading through my energy field, and I can remember the essence of my being. I am alive.

It is a little after 9 pm, am sitting with reruns of "sunrise earth" on DVD, watching the sun rise over Wyoming, and reading Hall's first realization. He reminds us that "while in personality we are many, in principle we are one. There is one spirit in all men/women. Though innumerable artificial barriers made by man to divide and isolate us, we are truly of one substance and one purpose."

I love that. The artifice of separation.

" We are more than similar; we are identical. We are manifestations of the One and we bear witness in our own parts to the One. This kinship of life; this identity of purpose and end, makes us truly universal."

Ah, so beautiful, beyond words really. All else falls away.

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