Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dignity and Balance

I find myself wondering about the essence of dignity, and how to best live in concert with our basic life force and vitality. This is not a competitive place, but a place of presence. A place of calm and inner balance. Dignity.

Say the word out loud - Di - g-ni-ty. It rolls off the tongue, and forces a smile with an exhale. Perhaps we can practice this as a breath meditation with sound. And sit in silence afterwards.

It sounds simple enough. But then the ego gets a death grip on our minds - and our thoughts swirl. Self-loathing appears before we know it, and we sabotage ourselves and forget who we are. At our core, we are all connected in our humanity. You wouldn't know it reading the newspapers sometimes, so easy to forget. Anger arises. Dave asks me sometimes - do you want to be right or do you want to be effective?

There was a time I wanted to right. And still do at times, I have to admit. But more and more as I grow older, I want to be effective. I want to help. I want to be myself and not care about climbing, attaining, forcing, voting, changing. Just shining, from the inside out.

I don't understand the dog-eat-dog mentality very well anymore. Or perhaps I have lost patience with its values. Rising at the expense of others. If we do not join together, find a way to help each other, we will not survive. We need community now, more than at any other time. We need to be vocal and local - share and build and support those around us.

In this new age, which I hope to contribute to, the renaissance of beauty and spirit that I feel we need to re-discover in ourselves, and allow to rise, there lies at its core - dignity.