Saturday, October 3, 2009

Life is Law

Sitting in meditation this morning, contemplating the REAL, absolute awareness, the Tao, the Law. I love sitting in the lap of the law, the ultimate discipline of my meditation right now. The calm. The beauty of what is, larger than image, vaster than knowledge. Letting go of my human separateness, my illusions of importance, my fake reality. All is as it should be, when I let go into the rightness of the universe as it is. Easy to write, hard to maintain.

In my humble way, smiling as I type trying to use words to capture the essence of the universe that probably is simply my minds way of making order out of chaos. And yet, the kernels of truth are there - all the sages of time and beyond have taught the same truths. I visit the landscape of spirit daily. Immersing myself in the Law. Transformation of perception happens in seconds.

The long lasting results of meditation is the joyous calm of realization. That is the point really, realization, the joy is inherent in living in truth. Fascinating, not trying to feel anything, a natural calm. I am almost 51 years old, and feel fortunate to have "earned the right" karmically to find balance. Not forcing the mind to adapt behaviors from a thought perspective. But to contemplate truth, deepen in awareness, and discover naturally that realization is the transformation. Like liquid gold, or silver really - realization leads and immerses my consciousness into action.

That means I will paint today. Images from meditation, from life. It is how I make sense of my travels through the veils of frequency and the realms of existence.

Each morning I sit before the day awakens. My ego on hold, my thoughts set free from their hold on my mind. Lately the image has shifted, which is fascinating. I see doves flying with ravens now, consistently black birds and white birds flying together. They are my thoughts, my attachments being set free. When I cut the threads that bind me to habit, to ego - it is as if my thoughts are animate, flying low but no longer manipulating my actions. I sit and watch them. It reminds me of emissaries, messages being carried between the worlds. Perhaps the doves have brought mesages from the mythic gods, and my entrenched warrior guardians, the black ravens are to transform? Receive? I do not know yet what it means. Cutting the strings that bind us, that is the key. Deepening in realization, not creating more thought, more ego - is the process. So I wait. I watch. I will know when I do.

I have long had visions, over the years 90 % come true, 10 % I have not interpreted correctly. If I can see something, I see it . Though that does not describe the process well, but it will suffice. I look. I listen. I don't look to deeply, if I need to heed an image it arises naturally, as a knowing. Unless of course, I look for a family member or a client, then I ask how I can I best help, and what do they need to know. I take each image as metaphor, when I can. Wondering what it leads to. Sharing the metaphor. We each have our own symbol system.

The world is in transition. Irrelevent in the larger picture of my sitting, allowing realization to blossom and spread. The world is on a course set eons ago. The collective cleansing began and continues. So much chaos to come. Rubble and collapse, yet renaissance will rise. Eventually. And I see ravens and doves, removing the chatter from my mind and watching them fly together, above my head.

Black dots and white dots. Perhaps a line of silver today.

And yet, as an artist and as a healer - I believe that the images are part of the road map I have to share, that all artists have to share. Each on an individual journey, where the images are irrelevant unto themselves, but important within the larger picture energetically. Each person inspired to awaken to their own realization of the whole, and emit a different frequency of consciousness.

Perhaps I am part of that catalyst knowingly, perhaps my work is, or my energy field emitting its vibration and frequency in line with the law. We all are part of the same vibration and collective frequency whether we know it or not. I am fascinated by it all. And humbled.