Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am an avatar voyeur

I am. I've written before about watching my son play WOW, XBox 360, PS2, etc.. , watching my husband play his XBox 360 games as well.  I love it. I am a visitor vicariously loving the ether worlds that artists create, that other artists know in their hearts to be real.

Recently, I was talking to a client who was ashamed of liking to watch people play - and asked me, why I did.

It was a great question. I never thought about it too much before, it seemed interesting, funny even, but light and wonderous at the same time. For me , nothing is what it seems. I love going deeper, parsing out the underbelly of  - well ,  you name it. That is my mercury in scorpio nature, in case you are wondering.

As I analyzed it out loud with my client, I realized that I love being a cheerleader. Being a supportive - you go guy, kill that zombie, buy that armour, enter that ether world challenged mission and, well you get the idea. I love being an avatar voyeur. Entering ether worlds of beautifully drawn imaginings, and travelling along with the hero or heroine - mission accomplished or not, does not matter. I can experience it from a far, imagine my own travels, without having to risk game over. As a retired mars warrior, I like that. An arm chair adventurer. It's funny and spicy at the same time, don't you think?

Part of me thinks that is what I love about being an art collector. It seems similar to me. Watching - collecting. The indescribable beauty of another persons  vision that connects to our own - isn't that what art is all about?

I think we all love the surreal. That part of our psyche that connects with life force, demon and angel energetics that impel our consciousness forward into dream land. Which on some level is real time.

I'm sure Dali would understand this post.

I also love to play - but yet am resistant. I have not plugged in my Wii in months. My ikami wolf lies dormant waiting for Mother Devine to breathe fire into his lungs.

Perhaps tomorrow.