Friday, May 28, 2010

Wisdom, Vision and Craft

In my advancing years, I've come to understand how little I understand. And that is such a joyous feeling. Sounds strange, but it is so liberating to feel like a frog in a well who has jumped out of the well.

Of course, I jump back in all of the time. To be human is to search for stability, what is known, what can be counted on. I counsel clients on managing fear of the unknown all the time, working with fear has been an element of my work forever.

I love how Dave puts it "all we can be certain of is uncertainty, and our goal is to allow our intentions to reside in consciousness, and all will be as it is, as it should be".  It makes me go ahhh.... I love that. Most of my clients don't go "ahhh..." when I tell them that, so clearly I'm not doing that quote justice. I used to teach workshops on letting go of fear of the unknown, I think I will add that to my list of " what I might start teaching in Hoboken this summer".

I've learned, as many have, that the essence of letting go is surrender, and the path always leads to surrender. Letting go of the need to control that which cannot be controlled is freedom, and freedom is wisdom. It seems to me that to cultivate wisdom, we have two natural tools at our disposal. Vision and Craft.

As creative beings our vision sustains us, guides us, connects us to consciousness in meditation and if we are lucky, in the present moment. The intangible essence of our lives.

Craft is our ability, in "human time", to shape our vision in the material world, our actions, and put our work in the world out into the world. The tangible manifestation of our lives.

So putting the three together, Wisdom, Vision and Craft creates a road to balance, evolution and peace within. I like that. Maybe that's what I'll call the first class I teach in Hoboken this summer.

I'll add it to my list.