Thursday, August 6, 2009

Infinite Tenderness

Dave gave me the second chapter of the new book he is working on to read and give him feedback. The chapter "The Divine Plan", is about 20 pages, and I sat yesterday at Broadway and 23rd street, under a blue umbrella, in the glorious shade reading - mesmerized.

I was so moved by much of it, but this particular passage especially. I read it again this morning. Towards the bottom of the first page he asks:

"Do we sense that the universe in some mysterious way, follows an immutable process to fulfill its own purpose and destiny?

Is it possible infinite reality has its basis in Law, yet infinite tenderness holds it together?"

Infinite tenderness. What an amazing idea. Could it be? When our minds relax enough, and our I AM, the inner knowing self that is our true self, radiates its calm throughout our entire being, there is a feeling of infinite tenderness. Infinite tenderness. I say the phrase to myself over and over, and somehow, I feel my inner awareness more clearly. I relax. Like the wisdom and mystery of following our breathing, the knowledge of law and tenderness as constants is a spiritual touchstone.

We are all so battered by life, at different times there is so much suffering, other times so much joy, and the mind grasps at straws to keep it all together. Dave reminds me, that the key is to get beyond the mind, which is where meditation is our guide. The guide into realization. So that our knowing is not of thought or believing in something, but of inner intuitive understanding.

There are times I am there, and other times, I fall short. And it is my belief system, my thoughts about an idea that loom larger than life. So, I close my eyes and breathe. The larger reality of our being, and our presence here on the earth plane is rooted in that breathe. As the sages say " we enter Zen from there". The yearning then for the Great Mother, or Great Father, The Absolute, is perhaps simply the yearning for the infinite tenderness that holds the Law together, with the heart of Law and the Universe as it is. All is as it is, all is as it should be. My breathe will lead me into this innate understanding, when I forget, I must remember to breathe. We are part of a greater plan.

Ah, to be human.

I, like most have a long way to go in my meditation process, my path of realization. But then, that's part of the Divine Plan.

And when in doubt, I'll ask Dave!

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