Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meditation on the Tides and Identity

With Uranus (the planet of individuation and authenticity) about to make a station (stand still for a moment before it goes direct again, and rock all of our boats) I find that I think about de-conditioning from the known - a lot. What is my authentic path? Am I on it? Have I strayed? Do I need a course correction? Cause, I know, Uranus will invite my biography into alignment, whether I like it or not.

So, this morning it was no surprise that Dave started to talk about Mother Divine and the tides - the energy of all that is flowing within us - and we wondered what is authentic expression given that we are both the observer of the tides and the expression of the tides?

Dave then wrote out this beautiful meditation to ponder that I had to share with you - what a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving.  Sitting in the lap of the source and expressing that truth. Enjoy.

Meditation on Identity and its Source

The source of all manifestation is the Tides.

On earth, between the Sun and Moon the Tides ever flow.

There is a dimension of Reality prior to the Tides, but if we talk of anything that can be experienced and retained in memory….we are speaking of that which the Tides gave rise to.

Our personality is an expression of the Tides of consciousness ebbing and flowing.
Let them flow authentically.  It all happens automatically, rightly understood.
We should get out of their way, witness their motion.

There is a body, personality, mind and heart….there are memories, habits and reflexive mental and emotional states….yet these are not our essential nature.
All of these exist within time and space, yet belong to the fabric of Space itself.

We can witness the flow of energy and creativity….let the mind, heart and senses be the conduits of their expressions.

Our ultimate nature, our essence makes the Tides possible.