Thursday, December 31, 2009

Positive Outcomes are Always Possible

As 2009 comes to an end, and we all prepare for 2010 there is so much to share. The world around us and our sense of self within it is in such a major transition.

I am a half filled glass type of person. I believe in the creativity of the human spirit and integrity based heart felt balance. I also see hardship and discord and suffering. How to do we reconcile living in the rightness of the universe as it is without hiding our heads in the sand?

It comes down to a few basic ideas I think, at least it does for me on this snowy new years eve morning.
The first is integrity.  To do the right thing. If with every action I take, I put integrity first and try to get out of my ego's need to .. the need to be right, the need to be first, the need to be best, the need to be better than you, the need to be separate from you and on and on and on..

The second is to be calm and peaceful within. Centered and at home with the realization that I am more than my personality, that I am here on planet earth to be conscious and universal and live the truth of my being as it unfolds.

The third is to be kind. In kindness we are true to our generous heart and fair. It does not mean be soft, it does not mean be blind. It means live in the realization that the inherent reality of our lives can be rooted in a kind ground that is strong, flexible, and fair. In kindness lies a poignant beauty.

And last, make art - live art that is beautiful. Live beauty, make beauty, honor beauty.  A good conversation is beauty, an open heart with a sad friend is beauty.  Not surface beauty, nip and tuck botox got to be thin beauty, but the beauty that moves you to tears. A dance, a symphony, a painting, a story. True Beauty. It is one of the values of the human spirit, the resonance with beauty that connects us and makes the world evolve in an everlasting essential sigh.

I hope to live in 2010 with a deep breathe, integrity, inner peace and calm, kindness, and create the beauty that inspires the spirit to new heights. I wish you the same.

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