Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let no day pass, without commenting on goodness

Sunday evening. A relaxing afternoon. Reading a great mystery, family is home and all is well. I'm grateful for little things.

I like to remember to live in the moment, as much as I can, in the NOW. There is always something good floating around to note, and feel, and breathe into. Maybe its a cool breeze in the humid summer evening, or the look in my cats eye when he gazes out the window at the squirrels that makes me smile. Tonight its watching DA play Doom on the xbox 360. E is playing WOW on the PC.

I bought a video game yesterday for myself, a game called OKAMI for the Wii - and have oficially started my life as gamer. I started playing this morning. In the game, I'm a white wolf spirit embodying the great mother Ameratsu in her quest to bring light to the dark filled worlds. What a hoot. That's the story line. Picture perfect.

I'm grateful for goodness and the wisdom brought to my consciousness through many forms. Watch for omens, and repeating metaphors. The universe talks to us through symbols. And perhaps, through video games too.


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