Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Relaxing into Contact

This morning Dave and I walked along the Hoboken waterfront. I take the Path train to SVA, he buys the paper, we kiss and go on our way. It's a lovely morning ritual. Many mornings Dave talks about life and spirit. Today he talked about the concept of being Present in a way that I found so moving. He called it Relaxing into Contact.

The image that arises for me is of the mind becoming a shining pool of liquid silver, consciousness flowing down the body to the "souls" of the feet. Relaxing with each step, breathing. Allowing the mind, and the jumble of thoughts that race around constantly, to relax, spread out, and slowly become liquid. Ahhh, so peaceful.

I have practiced watching the breathe for many years, and still I forget it is the key. In and out of this presence within, I become more aware of Now, the moment. The awareness of my true being watches then my personality self, my mind relax. Fascinating process. I am grateful for the morning reminders of what makes life LIFE.

Don't let your mind take you into stressful places - bring your focus back to the breath. Relax into every contact, every moment. Relax into the moment, into contact with the moment.

Observe your feelings, and smile. So that right now, all there is, is the smile. Feel that radiate through your body. Liquid consciousness, peace of mind, ahhhh.

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