Monday, December 31, 2012

Meditation and Chicken Soup

Sometimes all it takes is a "minyan." A group of folks joined in spiritual intention to bring the spirit awareness to life in the heart and in the group. Sometimes all it takes is one. A solo spirit in concentrated awareness for intention to arise and thrive, so the spirit awareness to life and in life fills the heart and the home, and spreads throughout the community. Sometimes all it takes is you. Happy new year. Join me on Sunday, January 20th for a day of Meditation, Visualization and Chicken soup. email if interested: Love. Harmony. Peace of mind. This is wish for all.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Evolution of peace of mind

So many times when we start a meditation practice, we imagine that in 3 seconds or less we will have achieved our goals. Peace of mind. And it will last for ever. Hilarious. Peace of mind is an evolutionary state of being. It is a mythic journey that begins in silence and is enriched by calm and tranquility. I tell my students and actually anyone who will listen, that the richness of being lies in the connection to a tranquil state of presence. What does that mean? To access this months free meditation and read the rest of the post, Enjoy the new meditation : Tranquility and Insight meditation. Let me know how you like, feel free to share it.