Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here is a new meditation for career success - from chapter 1

I have too much on my plate - teaching, full time job, artist, curate a show (oy veh), writing a book. SIGH. But,
I'm happy, feeling successful and productive. I meant to get into the city to see Manuel and Raul's videos/films, (so sorry), and meant to just sit and read and relax to replenish (oh well). But I did meditate with the trees today and spent time with the living energies drawing. Have you noticed, that you are more creative when you are feeling fulfilled? I have.

And so can you.....

So I have finished my first draft of Chapter 1 today (yes I spent the day writing) of "Create your art career: tools for empowerment and success".  This chapter is introducing the tools and techniques I love, and I created a new meditation that I wanted to share with you. Please try it out and let me know what happens!

Chapter 1: Creative Visualization:  Are you ready to start your day?
Get ready (quiet your mind, breathe and then begin.)

Now Imagine You wake up in the morning filled with an amazing feeling of joy, you wake up happy.  Take  a deep breath and imagine that there is an inner feeling of contentment, that everything is OK and as it should be.  Imagine that you are happy to get out of bed and start your day. You look forward to your day.

Now Imagine You go to your studio or your place of work, ready to create.  You love your job, you love what you do so much that you can’t believe how lucky you are to do what you love.  At the end of the day you are satisfied, invigorated, fulfilled. You are amazed that you actually have more energy at the end of your day than when you started.

Now Imagine Your self-awareness grows each day. You know yourself better every day. You know that your career path is leading you to make the work you’ve always wanted to make, to help people in the ways you’ve always wanted to help in the world.  You know that you are walking the right path at the right time with a clear sense that all is as it should be.

Now Imagine You feel a sense of great contentment and peace. You are successful, productive, and creative. By your definition, no one else’s. You write your own story of success, productivity and creativity. You know your own truth. What does it look like? Feel like? You are successful, you are productive, and creative.  What does it look like to be happy, to be prosperous?

Now Imagine You wake up to a new day, feeling fulfilled, happy and prosperous. You’re entire mind and body is filled with a deep sense of peace, fulfillment and satisfaction. You are ready to start the day.

Now Imagine You are on the right path.

Journal: write what you experience and draw what you feel.

Let me know if you like it, should I change it, does it work for you?


  1. Thanks Kate!

    I've been trying this meditation out in my classes as well. I like leading it too - cause I do it at the same time as I take folks through it. I think I'll keep it in the book.