Friday, April 1, 2011

Mighty Balls

 Another one of my dear SVA alumna's has a great new business venture  - Mighty Balls!

Please check out her Indiegogo campaign and pass the word. She needs help, and what is a community to do - we help.

I am definately looking forward to my Mighty Balls t-shirt.
All the best,
Hi folks!

Mighty Balls is over halfway through our fundraising campaign, and boy, have we been busy!

First, I would like to take a moment and thank every person that has contributed. Everyone has been so generous! And both Dina and I feel unbelievably blessed. I think I get tingles every time someone contributes. I can't tell you how much it means to me.

For Mighty Balls there are many great things on the horizon. Many projects are in the works, but most exciting we have found a partner to produce our sauces and are working on refining the recipes for production on a large scale. Beth has been canning for over 30 years, and works with many notable restaurants in Manhattan, so we are really excited to be working with her. Lately we've been playing with one of my personal favorites, a completely addicting African raw onion and mustard sauce. I can't stop eating it, and can't wait tot share it with everyone.

Our fundraising campaign has only twenty days left, and we still need your help. We are offering some really fun perks for everyone who contributes. For only 35 dollars, you get a signature tee, and limited edition sticker, not to mention our undying gratitude, and bragging rights to say you helped Mighty Balls get started. Visit to learn more. The more you give, the more we can do.

And equally important, all click-throughs and visits to our page help us raise in the rankings. We made the front page of the food campaigns within the first few days we posted, but our goal is to make the front page, and you can help us get there! Spread the word near and far. 

And don't forget- every contributor gets their name entered into a raffle for a chance to have a Mighty Ball named after them (and really, who doesn't want that?).

Let's do this! 


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