Saturday, March 19, 2011

Started writing my new book today - Tools for Empowerment

As my heart brakes over Japan, and the world in flames- in North Africa, middle east, drones in Pakistan, currency crises on the horizon. I am very aware of Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and each of us, the creatives - needing to share a vision of community and hope and survival with each other.

Let's prepare for the worst and hope it is not needed. Have plenty of food in storage, water, cash on hand, extra medicines, and getaway plan if needed.

And let's take care of each other, our neighbors, our community. Let's share images of reality, images of laughter, images that come up from deep within us - we are all we need. We are all we have.

I've been drawing again, I'm happy to say. The energy of the trees have been calling my name.  It is amazing to draw again. I sit with my pad, and watch the energy in between the trees, they dance. Ah, the ancient ones. The trees know what will be will be. I had a friend who could dance with the trees, I am happy to watch in awe.

I signed my contract for the new book with Allworth Press this week. I am very excited. It will be called ( I think) Create Your Art Career: Tools for Empowerment and Success. I'll keep you posted on what I'm writing.

Today I started chapter one, introducing the tools and techniques that I love: Introduction to and explanation of tools and techniques for a successful creative career. Tools include visioning, setting goals and creating marketing strategies. Techniques include visualization, guided meditation, self assessment and self exploration exercises and journaling. 

Discussion on how to use these tools and techniques for career management.  As you know I love using creative meditation and self assessment for just about everything! And now you can too!

Let's not put our heads in the sand, but with an open heart and strategies in mind - move through the collapse of what we've known and create, help each other create and  flourish.

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