Monday, September 6, 2010

Living with Integrity

Oh the challenges of being human, the emotional body, the etheric body - the part of self that does not want to be a body...that recognizes that in truth, we are not the body. We are prior. We are that which makes having a body possible. Have you ever felt like that? When I have glimpses of the eternal in my waking mind and heart, I feel so at peace. As if the integrity of my positive waking purpose merges with the eternal dharma of being human. And its not so bad being in the body, its almost funny.

But that could be my Pisces moon laughing at the job of living. We should all take a moment to laugh every day. Truly. Nothing more positive than honest joy. Life force running through our veins is a source of honest joy.

Last night, sitting at the Hoboken waterfront with Dave, talking about living and doing the best we can. Living with integrity, dying with integrity. For a space of time at death we are still the personality, who we were when we died, and then that fades and all that is left is that which made the personality possible.

Energy within the veils of oblivion, the entrances into those spaces are possible to discover in meditation. One of the meditations I taught in the Creative Visualization class had participants merge into liquid consciousness and enter the universe through the beads of life force. It was really beautiful. I think we'll do that one again, as the start to the Evolutionary Astrology class.

We start the Evolutionary Astrology class on Sept 30th. It's going to be so fabulous to explore through the symbols biographies, personalities and consciousness. To oblivion and beyond.....

I like living with integrity.


  1. Well said, Rhonda. At the center of it all is integrity. I've been learning that myself. Your thoughts are eloquent, grounding, and inspiring.

  2. Excellent post. I so enjoyed.