Friday, August 13, 2010

Community supported art

When an amazing composer writes music, a cd is made, the radios carry it, the everyday person gets to listen, their lives are enhanced and the musician makes money. A good equation. No one says its low art or high art. It is simply art for a particular audience.

Why is the visual artist not doing a similar pattern? What can we learn from musicians? There has got to be a way for us, the talented ( and yes I mean YOU) to move out of this ridiculous ART STAR mentality, and get back to WHY art is made in the first place.

To enhance the human spirit.

So, let's say your art enhances the spirit of all mankind. Why are you afraid of making your work accessible to as many people as possible? At a value price point that can allow you to make money but also allow the everyday person to own it? Why are we as a community not finding ways together to thumb our noses at the "retail" gallery system that sells "exclusivity" and innovating quality and exceptional "inclusivity" instead?

Let's create a marketplace of louise nevelson quality art that every person can have and evolve from their experience with it. Let's get back to the temple art, and the community shaman whose visuals and images enhanced the live's of every citizen.

A while ago I wrote about the CSA movement. The community supported agriculture. I love it, I'm a part of it. I recognize that if I pay someone for my food, I'm happy and eating healthy. I know there is a way for us as artists to do the same.

I want to create a CSA movement in the visual arts. Are you with me?


  1. Everything about your vision is beautiful and exactly as it should be. Ideally every artist, by our shared dedication to the creative force, has a network of support. The one thing that I've found however is that the real connections are made through personal investment and/or a strong shared objective. Small groups help this happen. Particularly when a variety of disciplines come together. It eases up our competitive nature and frees us up to rally behind each other. We need this notion of yours to happen. We really do.

  2. I love this post and can relate. I think you would like, if you have not already read it, the book "The Art Experience". I just did a post about the Author Vicci Sperry. She, like yourself, had a real sense of what art really offers to our world. I'm going to follow you. I'm all the way here in CO, but am always looking for inspiration for making a go at my art full time. Thank you for your encouragement. And, yeah, I'm with ya.

  3. Thanks Adam - I like that idea of small groups make this happen. The dynamism of a collective impulse can move mountains.

    Thanks Thea - I will check out "the art experience" please post another comment so everyone can see the link to your blog post.

  4. It takes innovation. Innovation takes courage and independence from the perceived source of sustenance (our societal norms and regs), from how societal infrastructures are perceived as our security. Only then can we be courageous enough to invent. it is definitely possible that's why we have round globe on our mantle and not flat ones. There is so much more to uncover, and the ills of our fellow (and our own) are waiting for the inspiration our newness can/will bring as Visionaries and Creative Artist (Interpreters of Spirit)

  5. "Making Ideas Happen" by Scott Belsky

    (interview about book and author)