Monday, September 20, 2010

Why not you? Why not me?

There are so many ways to "be" in the world. There is a wisdom in uncertainty that we overlook so much of the time. Our freedom from the known allows us to untangle our conditioning to the past. And that conditioning forces us, without even thinking to repeat the same old mistakes, the same old ways of doing life, doing career, doing relationships, doing art.

Our willingness to step off into the fields of creative potential and possibilities and find a new perspective in which to define our goals, can hold the seeds of amazing growth.

Ask yourself "in what ways might I...... " and then fill in the blank. Fill yourself with the answer, radiate ideas in your heart, in your body. Encompass possibility in your breathe and surrender to the creative mind that orchestrates the universe. And dance.

Why not?

1 comment:

  1. My best friend and I were just discussing this sentiment recently. Both have this positive feeling that something remarkable and amazing will present itself in the world. I tend to be somewhat of a hermit, but this past year have made an effort to connect with groups. I look forward to this school year and for all the positive opportunities it will present.
    Why not indeed!
    Dana Mc