Saturday, September 25, 2010

Like minded

I was reading the other day about Noah Brier, and a group he founded called Likemind, where creative people in cities around the world get together for an early coffee before the work day begins to talk, share, stay in touch. It's grown to thousands of creative people. Think about that - it's awesome.

Why don't we - the alternative art and spirit folk do that? Maybe because we don't get up early, or designers and marketers understand that they need each other, they hire each other and fine artists don't quite get it. Well time to get it. Time to reframe it. Don't you think?

And not in a what's in it for me mode - or how do we turn this into the next big thing mode, or the what about me, what about me, what about me refrain. I guess I'm looking to encourage and inspire perhaps an inclusive vs exclusive art mind, that is open, respect based, honestly community sourced, and builds business appreciation inherently in its structure.

Who wants to meet for coffee?

Check out this site


  1. Wonderful Adam,
    Do you want to host one with me? Go the website and check it out and let me know. It would be the third friday of October (the 22nd - my birthday actually).
    I'm thinking at Madelienes Patisserie on 23rd (bet 6 & 7th at 8am - since I have to be at SVA at 9am.

    Let me know. Best, R

  2. Too bad I'm in Denver...would love to be a part of something like that.