Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Vision forming

I'm starting to dream again. About art, about artists, how we can create something innovative and soulfully satisfying. Am starting to feel a curatorial pull...

A show about beauty, the human spirit in all its forms and conjugations. Elegant. Lyrical. Perhaps it will ultimately be a show about decay. Or birds.

Perhaps I will curate it and have it hosted in my backyard, and then film it for Youtube, in sequences.  That appeals to me. As the work falls to the weather and changes, the dynamic of interaction and the ultimate witness. Is that the artist, is that the viewer, the birds?

Ah, the birds again. Must rent the video. I date myself, I mean the DVD.

Lately, feeling like we can create dynamic awareness through conversation that is indirect.  By that I mean, lets take the time to read each others blogs, and react. Start a chain reaction, your idea kindles my idea kindles another idea. Do we need to talk to eachother? I dont' think so. But is that not really the relationship we should aim for? I'm not sure. I liken it to a fireplace - lets put another log on, and see the colors burn.  And then what is born within? Ash?

I guess I have a yearning growing for transformation. I want to see it, feel it, taste it, curate it.

Strange musings for an early evening in late January. Time to make dinner.

Don't ask, I really do ponder these ideas. A Pisces moon is a strange creature.

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