Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Great Work

There are times we are simply surviving. Obsessed, so to speak with making payments, stretching the funds we have on hand, trying not to worry about the anxiety that runs our obsessive minds. As a client wrote to me today, "between the funerals and the old house falling apart ..."- things are not going so smoothly. Working gigs are far and few.  Tense. This is not a smooth time in the universe.  Loss. Obstruction. Unemployment. Yet, I can't help feeling there is a call to the heroic within us that is sounding in the ethers.

The heroic. I know, I'm a mush. But can you hear it?

It raises its head while we are in process. Those glorious moments of process.

Process can be defined as living in the breath. As being present. As just "I am". Meditate on the heroic within you. Paint it, sculpt it, YouTube it.

Process is the feel and sound of the brush scraping along the surface of the paper or canvas. It is sexy. It is life enhancing. It is all encompassing. It is sublime.

I think this is the era of the Great Work. I feel the call in myself, though it is not yet the time. I can hear it off in the distance though. Listen. Perhaps as you can allow the anxiety to subside, and the veiled birds who live between the realms of time who swoop in and remove the strands of your ego and old karmic desires from your minds eye to release you from the bonds of your mind.

Create. Nimble, flexible, chaotic. The times will call for it. You can rise to it. A great work.

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