Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pluto Mars Jupiter – what’s an artist to do?

We will talk about this and meditate on it at our next Day of Healing and Meditation on Saturday March 10th, 2012. Healing the unconscious wounds that drive the soul into action or inaction. Making that which is crazy making (karmic patterns) visible. Using visualization to heal the cells and create beauty. Create ideas. Create sanity. Symbols drive us forward into consciousness. Making the unconscious conscious – Pluto work. Hard, tears, destiny work. Art work. What are you creating these days? Are you creating these days? You better be… too much inside implodes and becomes biographical. Rather that you work it through via the mandala that calls your spirit name. Heal. Awaken. Share. Yet, Mars is retro till april 13th. Take stock now, not steps. Reflect now, don’t rush. Marinate, ponder, ruminate. Angry much? Perhaps. Feel it, release it. Dance. Initiate when the plans are well laid. take time now. Lists. Mind maps. Laughter yoga. Pluto sextiles Jupiter in my chart, natal chart, transit chart. – what about yours? Is it time for a psychological victory? Can you help someone feel more confident in being themselves? Can you help yourself? Jupiter asks us to define our non-boundary expansive pulses, breath like dots, musical ohms with vibratory frequencies of dancing beads that lead to relinquishing desire, relinquishing attachment – to attain or to avoid. Love that. Love that. I can see that image in my mind so clearly. Optimism. Faith. Waiting for realization. Free. Time for healing. Time for destiny. Time to shine.

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