Friday, March 16, 2012

Nickelodeon is accepting pitches

Saw this posted on Cartoon Brew and it looks great: Nickelodeon is accepting pitches from the creative community for our new Nickelodeon Comedy Shorts Program and would love to hear from you! These will be produced at the studio and we will support the creator with whatever they need, but it all starts with you - the creator. It’s a rare opportunity for us to try out new creators and new characters quickly and with lower risk which means we can take more chances. Please know that there are pretty strict guidelines listed below, and we are moving very quickly - the deadline for submissions is 3/30 6pm. Here is the link to the official submission website. Please submit your ideas, materials, and links here: Here is the official press release: Guidelines for Comedy Shorts Program: •1 minute in length •1 setting •1 or 2 characters •Pitches must include character description and story treatment. Artwork – character design, thumbnail storyboard, layout, etc. is encouraged and will help but isn’t required. •Deadline for submissions is March 30, 2012 6pm PT •Goal is to complete 10 shorts this Summer •Platform is TBD – it could be online or on air What we are really looking for are Funny Breakout Characters that have a kid or kid-like perspective and can appeal to boys and girls both. We're looking for broad comedic characters that can drive lots of stories – not just react to crazy situations. Our main audience is boys and girls ages 6 to 11. What we’re not looking for: action, action comedy, anything too boy-centric or girl-centric, adult characters with adult perspectives, trendy topics, adult content. Some general rules: If human, your character should be a kid but an older kid because kids tend to aspire older. If non-human, your character can have an adult life – drive a car, have a job, live in their own home, so long as their perspective and mentality is kid-like and kid-relatable. Another rule: We make silly cartoons and love the creativity of the medium, so if it can be done in live action, then it's probably for live action and not for us. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you! Nickelodeon Animation Development

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