Friday, November 11, 2011

Healing starts with attention

The art of awakening the healer within you is through attention and widening your ability to let go of what is not needed. In many ways, it is attention and imagination that can lead the mind to understand mysteries that may not seem rational at first. Can you visualize what you want as clear, clean and whole? Write it down first. Then draw it. Close your eyes and feel it, run your fingers across the words and allow images to form. Breathe. Then let the picture in your mind become the problem, and see it, feel it as whole, solved, clear, clean. Perhaps your attention, first, must be drawn to what is not whole, solved, clear or clean. Accept what you see. No denial, no repression. Observe. Witness and participant both. Then image it the way you want it to be, whole vibrant and full of life. That is the meditation. That is where attention is invested in the re-directing of the mind in concert with the fields of possibilities. Life is vast. The trick is to let go of the details. Let the concept, the big picture be what it is to be. You can not control the world, but you can control your responses to it. You can create the image, or intuit the image. Either way, see it, sense it, be it and allow what is to be whole, to be clear. The calm that follows makes the changes vibrant. In job search, in healing a broken heart, in creating an amazing art work. Write it down. How does it feel? Run your fingers across the words. Let the images forms. Be the process, be the product, be the creator of both. Align inside and out. See the reality, and flow. Let the reality - flow. Healing starts, with attention. Posted to - join me at the new site.

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