Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tax Season - freelancer style

Just saw this on the freelancers union site as I was researching accountants:

Low-cost Tax Prep in NYC

The brisk air here in the Northeast makes you want to just run inside, get warm, and file your taxes, doesn’t it? Okay, even if that’s not how you feel, we did want to let you know about how you may ease your tax-filing jitters. The Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union can help diffuse your confusion about filing your self-employment taxes (got that?). You can go there for a free consultation and pay as little as $50 for your actual tax preparation. For more information, contact Rebecca. Know of any similar resources in your community? Let us know!

One Response to “Low-cost Tax Prep in NYC”

  1. Stephen Tsui Says:
    We can’t beat $50, but the average return on our site last year was $123 from CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents. Most of our accountants also offer free consultations to determine your exact tax needs. We’ve just been featured in VentureBeat/The New York Times (http://nytimes.com/external/venturebeat/2011/01/25/25venturebeat-teaspiller-takes-on-turbotax-and-hr-block-fo-23503.html?ref=technology) as an alternative to TurboTax and H&R Block. At www.teaspiller.com, freelancers can:
    • Find the best accountant for the needs of your specific industry
    • Choose an accountant and work completely online - on hours most convenient for you
    • Upload files for review by your accountant
    • Use popular web 2.0 software with the site, as it is integrated with Expensify, FreshBooks, Harvest, LessAccounting, and Shoeboxed.
    • Hear from your peers, with access to online reviews of each accountant
    • Feel safe, as Teaspiller uses bank-encrypted security
    • Quickly get back to actually running your business
    Check out our site at www.teaspiller.com . We love working with freelancers!

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