Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving through time and space

As artists we tend to flow through time while working. The process of creation manifests an impulse within to move through time and space into a nether region of possibilities.

Possibilities. A blank piece of paper. A white canvas. Awestruck. The space in between my hand raising to put a mark down and the time it takes my brain to catch up to the impulse creates a living meditation.

Possibilities. A breathe.

I close my eyes in daily meditation to sit in the lap of the possibilities of the moment. That is the way my brain organizes the time.

In truth, there are no possibilities, because it all exists already.

That is the most hopeful thought in truth.

I find eternal solace in the knowledge that I move through time and space only in my mind. My ego can hold that to be self evident. And then leave me alone.

My spirit home - ah, I am that. Peaceful. Perhaps the bridge is in the painting.

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