Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am a C S A advocate

CSF - means community supported farm. We recently joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) group in Hoboken, sponsored by the Catalpa Ridge Farm in NJ. Farmer Rich and Sue have been growing "real" vegies for 15 years as a CSF and I cannot tell you how happy I am to be eating and cooking for my family from their bounty.

In addition, the CSA movement fascinates me. Imagine - a group of families (150) pay Farmer Rich and Sue upfront so they can plant the fields and grow food for us that is not poisened, modified, genetically interferred with, just "is". And as a cook, to eat and touch live food, I have been ecstatically cooking all week. Even Elia ate salad all week, and Dave and I have kvelled over each and every vegie.

There has to be a model here for all of us. As the world turns and changes, and falls apart, how can we as artists also create a CSA (community supported artworks). There must be new models that can be created. We know how beauty soothes the soul, how art is the heart of renaissance in life.

I know if we all 'sit on it, pray on it, think on it" ( thank you Boston Legal) we will intuit a new  way of sharing , promoting, making a living as and for the artists in our souls.

With the collapse of '10 underway, it is up to us. No one will save us but our intuition and joining together, somehow in groups that of common purpose, common image, common intent... I don't know yet, don't have the image yet - it is foggy. But it is forming. I can feel it taking hold. I look forward to joining with those whom I resonate with, and those I don't (ah those karmic lessons) so  in light and positive practicality we co-create what is needed.

Art is needed. CSA - community supported artwork

Open to suggestions.

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