Thursday, January 3, 2013

Silence speaks

Waking in the morning with a head a full of ideas. Sometimes fragments, sometimes clear actions to take, but busy. Busy and loud. Like to start the day in silence. Listen to what the rich silence has to say. Which in a way, is a funny thought. Because the silence takes the constant thought and breaks it down into a rich, thick pool. It speaks in texture and meaning. So the words disappear. Ah, so nice. I find silence speaks the longed for language of the whole. So the ideas make more sense, ultimately. And in a way don’t really matter. So funny. How to explain? Ideas are like wayward children, easily distracted and distracting. They forget they are part of a whole. They. I. Same. So, in the pool of silence, they marinate and dissolve into the rich textures of now and always. Dissolution of thought, so nice. And what is left is an indescribable feeling of larger than. Of each pore filled with life so when the ideas bubble up again, they speak through the silence. Read more..

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