Monday, January 16, 2012

My book synopsis - here we go!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful suggestions for the cover. I've emailed the publisher, please feel free to keep them coming! I've written 12 out of the 16 chapters so far, and feel like I'm on a roll towards the finishing line. Oh my god/dess - this is really happening. Amazing. Thank you all for the support and kind words. Here is the synopsis of the book which I sent in today for the catalogue. Book Title: Create Your Art Career: Practical Tools, Visualizations, and Self-Assessment Exercises for Empowerment and Success A hands-on career planning book with creative visualizations, guided meditations, and self-assessment/self-exploration exercises for visual artists to create and sustain a successful career. Synopsis: Have you dreamed of creating a better future for yourself as an artist? Can you imagine a future so fulfilling that it moved you to make it a reality? Do you want practical tools and strategies at your disposal to implement this vision and make it so? Well now you can. Artist, gallerist, educator and meditation & creativity career coach Rhonda Schaller provides insights and practical tools for readers to cultivate an inspired and sustainable art career. Schaller teaches how to visualize a better future, empower your creativity and build a career plan for artistic success. This is the ultimate self-help book for artists comprised of over 50 unique career planning exercises and tools including creative visualization, self-assessment and mind map exploration. For the established artist and the emerging creative this book validates the idealist in every artist, loyal to their values, and shares how to implement a successful career plan through a step-by-step process of empowerment. This book will change the way you think and validate the way you feel. It is a fun-to-read hands on book which helps you create a plan and act on your ideas. Schaller gives artists many ways to solve career problems and plan next steps. Required reading for every working artist who wants to have a creative career, this book is designed to facilitate brainstorming and self-understanding for every career stage, and shows how to apply your values and desires to become more successful. Based on the Creative Mind Business Mind: Use of Creative Visualization in Career Planning courses Schaller teaches at the School of Visual Arts, the book is designed for people to work through and gain ideas to bridge their creative inspirations with a defined business role and action plan. Chapters include Your Personal Vision (chapter 2); What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Fail (chapter 5); Visualizing Great Business Relationships (chapter 11); Artist as Entrepreneur: Attracting Funding (chapter 13); and Take Charge of Your Life (chapter 16). Love to hear your thoughts.

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