Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jupiter in Taurus and Uranus in Aries - gifts and challenges

I been contemplating the world's dilemma a lot, and how to be helpful amongst so much change and collapse. As an artist, as a writer, as a teacher, as a career coach - how do I express what I feel and lead others to make choices that matter, and cope with a positive upbeat "YES" type of feeling. Ahhh......

So much of how we do things, think about things is changing. Old ideas, old institutions, all tumbling and mixing into new palettes. New ways to make a living have to be born, because the old ways are going the way of the dinosaurs. I don't have answers. None of us have lived through times like this before (that we can remember at least). I do have a process that i think is helpful, and that is something to dig deeper into. Probably why I'm writing my book.

We have to be so very quick and nimble in this climate to adjust to the changing currents, and yet remain serene. Voluntary simplicity has to be accepted. Resilience has to be the mode of autopilot. Nothing good comes from panic, all good comes from reflection. And calm. Calm in the storm.

Whether we work in our studios and sell directly to collectors, or in a bank or in real estate, or for a museum or non-profit we believe in, or set up shop on Etsy or create a project on indiegogo for funding it seems to me it all comes down to 2 main energies to align with, from deep within ourselves. Recognizing that these energies are manifested in the world through us, and appear in our biography - in our day to day lives. The all important alignment with the script where we feel we are being supported from the "universe". This is the high road. When we don't feel supported chances are we want to call it the low road, but its part of the script none-the-less.

So how do we gain insight and momentum to work with the script? As Jupiter and Uranus impact my 10th house, I would say through meditating and embodying possibility (Jupiter) and originality (Uranus).

Dave and I talk a lot about the script, and from an evolutionary astrological perspective, what is the role of choice within the script. As with all processes of development and unfoldment, there are gifts and challenges to our individual paths.

I find myself wondering about the gifts and challenges as they pertain to career awareness many of us are trying to make sense of and evolve with. Myself included. The heart of my meditation and visualization work with clients can be distilled into these 2 main points:

My mentor, the wise evolutionary astrologer Steve Forrest writes about Jupiter and Uranus in these ways: Jupiter's gift: The ability to envision and to seize upon new possibilites and potentials for the future. The challenge: Can you recognize something better than you have ever known, utterly new and positive, that now lies within your grasp - within your reach. Can you create the energy to take it?

I love that!! I'm all about envisioning. But can you muster the energy to recognize the metaphors you envision and sense within yourself out in the world? Can you let go of your preconceived definitions of what it SHOULD be , or LOOK like? That is quite a challenge.

Letting go. Letting life be the gift in whatever ways is presented,because it is right just the way it is. Can you evolve enough to recognize what you have not been looking for, but is right before your eyes? Can I not be my own worst enemy, for just a moment and say ah, isn't that interesting?

And then there is Uranus. Steve tells us that Uranus' gift is the ability to distinguish our true individuality from the desires and fantasies about us that are held by our family, friends and associates. The challenge: can you stand up to the pressures of conformity asserting your right to be yourself in the face of censure, or rejection and in the face of whatever social conventions you may have unwittingly internalized?

How astounding is that? Can you be yourself in the world, and take back the power to judge you , you have given others? Can you find a practical doable solution to being in the world, earning a living in the world regardless of others judgements? Can you express yourself and define success your way?

That is the heart of what I want to teach - jupiter and uranus in career planning. I'm up to chapter 6 in my "create your career with tools for empowerment" (or whatever the publisher will ulitmately title it). Perhaps instead of visualizing goals I'll encourage visualizing gifts and challenges to manifest goals. What do you think?

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  1. Good Stuff! Once again, you're on my trail...not conforming is hurts too sometimes. I have never heard anyone speak about like you...desires, fantasies, of family, friends being projected. We do that all the time to each other but it's the very way we cage one another-not honoring or respectingeach other's individulality. May we have strength to let each other grow. I feel your rhythm and the same one my path is being led by from within me. I thank God for such things!