Saturday, January 8, 2011

Evolving - one day at a time - pluto style

The real unemployment number is 16.4 % - though they print 9.4%, which is not the whole story. (for those who are interested check out the blog Mish's Global Economic Trends - very good read and informative.) We are graduating artists every year who don't have a clue how to make their work valuable in the marketplace.  Or even what to do with their vision, or how to find their vision, or once they do - what it all means. 

They read or see on TV "just do it." How is that helpful? Just do what?  I love working with artists -  teaching, mentoring, counseling - I do. I love being an artist. If we don't join together and help evolve our own mindset and our system of commerce and education, if not us, who will? Security is an inner state, not an outward one.

That is one of those truths we loose track of - especially in economic times like these.  I have artists come to sessions with me all the time, saying they just want security.  In Steve Forrest's "The Book of Pluto" (fabulous book) he says that true security is a confident attitude one has toward one's capacity to survive in the universe, an attitude that come what may - there's an excellent chance I'll be able to land on my feet. I have that attitude, in my bones I know I can do anything. I can survive. And breathe deeply.

If I can teach that, express that, transfer that, plant those seeds in all the artists I meet, teach or counsel - I feel as if my art ( my being) has been experienced to the fullest. That I've done good.

Evolving one day at a time - that is all we can ask of ourselves. As Steve says "to develop an internal sense that we are wise enough, cunning enough, worthy enough, fierce enough, creative enough, to deal with whatever comes along".

That's the Pluto way. For most of us - it's the only way.

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  1. Like - I said Rhonda Schaller - You're The Best!
    Thanks for teaching me and reminding me Spirit (artist) Love from, Debbie Max (surviving-barely)!
    One Day at A
    time with Courage