Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Beauty of Divinity update

Many of you have written to me asking if you missed the deadline. No you haven't.  I have a wonderful crew of artists who are interested in working on the show. I am swimming in projects, and so it goes slower than planned. Mea Culpa.
So in the interest of calm, I've decided to do this slowly and mentor on how to put a show like this together.

The prospectus for submissions won't be ready before mid/end of January 2011. For those who are interested in learning how a show gets put together, here are the minutes from our meeting. Transparency is a good thing, how else will we learn? Next time I'll take photos!

We are all in this together - together let's do something meaningful, enhancing and life changing. A toast to artists taking their careers into their own hands!

Summary of Meeting 11/29/10
The Beauty of Divinity and the Necessity of Decay
Exhibition meeting: Schaller + Jaquish Art Projects

The meeting was great. I've been swamped since (as usual) so will need to move deadline of PR and Posting info to Mani and Patricia to next Friday  Dec 10, 2010. (update - make that 12/17)

RS (interested in sharing and mentoring how to create and launch a show), Adam Doyle (interested in curating), Patricia Silva (interested in writing about art and curating) , Mani Cunningham (interested in PR and Marketing, and being around artists and helping in any way).

We set up a milestones and a timeline (which will be flexible)
Launch a Fall 2011 (Nov 2011) or Winter show ( Jan 2012)
Updated PR list - include free listing, local, regional, national, international - by mid January 11- Mani will work on w/RS
Updated Postings list/call for entries - calls (free listings) - by mid January - Patricia will work on w/RS
Curatorial statement - two visions of show to be developed/one by Adam one by Patricia - by mid January 11/final draft by Feb 11 RS to have final say
Prospectus - rewritten for this show, including all aspects of vision, submissions, timetable - by mid February 11 (not assigned yet)

Show Dates: November 2011 or January 2012
Location: online project room. Possible Living Room Gallery show. Possible Pop-up ideas to be explored
Title: tentative: The Divinity of Beauty and the Necessity of Decay
Media: All. RS very interested in video and performance, photography and animation. Will also include plastic arts. (painting, drawing,etc)
Commissions: No fees charged to artists to submit. RS takes no commission on sales for online show. Perhaps for Living Room gallery, not decided. No awards or fees paid to artists. Barter arrangements as needed.
Website work - must find help ( Leigh has now volunteered to do web updates)

If November show:
PR launch - May 2011 (6 months advance), August 2011 (3 months advance), October 2011 (1 month advance)
Call for work launch - June 2011, July 2011 calendars with August 1 deadline
(Need 2 - 3 months to review entries, make selections, prepare website. For a November show - need October and September to prepare. Call for work deadline August 2011.)
PR Blogging and articles launch: to create buzz for show: June 2011, July 2011, August 2011, September 2011 for pre-press

RS to do:
RS will send Mani list of PR outlets we've used in the past and review how to update/done 12/14
RS will send Patricia list of posting outlets we've used in the past and review how to update- aim for 12/17
RS will send Adam and Patricia written notes on ideas behind the show and references - aim for before X-MAS
RS will update all members on what happened at meeting and schedule next meeting/done 12/1

Mani to do:
PR list and research

Patricia to do:
Postings list and research
Curatorial idea - written vision statement

Adam to do:
Curatorial idea - written vision statement

To be decided:
Landing page/folder for submissions (perhaps use dropbox)
Coorespondance to queries from artists? Handling emails
Coorespondance for submissions? Handling emails
Cooresepondance for show logistics Handling emails
Coorespondance for queries for press: Handling emails
Web updates
Blog for show

Volunteered to do website and text edits/writing for web

Show committee:

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